Eyes-on Test with the ENVY 23 display

envy 23 beats display1I love the ENVY 27 display with Beats Audio. Love it. It’s a premium A/V experience. But it might not be for everyone. You might not need the DisplayPort (or it’s sweet built-in speakers), but if you’re looking for good picture quality, have a mind toward audio and want to save a few bucks in the process, check out the ENVY 23 display.

At $250, you’re getting a fairly sound deal for a 23-incher like this – Two HDMI inputs and one VGA port for you old-schoolers out there. So it’s going to be able to connect to your PC and, if you needed it, a spare game console sitting nearby. Or your laptop. Or maybe you have a tablet that can plug into it…you see where I’m going with this, right?

The near-edge-to-edge screen and svelte borders of the design make it pop very much like its bigger brother. But instead of the funky off-center base found on the 27, you’ll notice a webbed-foot of a base. What it’ll really come down to for you is how it performs on-screen and in-ear.


You’re getting the kind of picture quality that was packed into the Pavilion 27xi and ENVY 27 I tested previously. The obvious difference being the smaller screen. How’s that picture look?  You get a 1,920 by 1,080-pixel native resolution, a wide 178-degree viewing angles, and 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio.


To test picture crispness, I found myself downloading Pacific Rim because, really, why wouldn’t you want to test a display with giant robots and interdimensional space monsters fighting it out? Yep, the rusted-over robot parts show good color reproduction then contrasted against gooey creatures….and inky electric-blue Kaiju secretions pop out against a washed-out landscape. Playing games on this monitor? Same deal. Driving through downtown Los Santos (GTA V, if you must know – I had my Xbox 360 plugged into one of the HDMI ports) there was no smudgy smeary blurring as I raced down the Vinewood strip in my car. And, playing Splinter Cell Blacklist on my PC, Sam Fischer was able to blend into the murky shadows without getting lost in the background thanks to good black levels.

 ENVY 23 display test

The other handy thing is that Beats Audio jack sitting on the left side of the display. Really, this is a great shortcut for plugging headphones in and getting pure digital audio getting piped into your noggin. And if you have a wife (or baby) that you don’t want to wake up while playing GTA V, this feature is a potential marriage-saver. The only thing I wish it had in that Beats Audio jack: Headset support so that I can plug in there to chat with buddies. Other than that, it’s great – sound comes through the HDMI connection.


So let’s cut to the chase. Who is this thing for, exactly?


THRIFTY FAMILY GUY: If you’re looking for a modest-but-handsome-looking monitor to sit on your desk, give you a crisp picture….and, if you’re trying to sneak in watching / playing something late at night, it’s easy with the headphone jack.

HARDCORE / GAMER GUY: If you’re thinking of dual-screening, check this monitor out. With the thin bezel, camping two of these side-by-side on a desktop is pretty unobtrusive.



To learn more....or buy....an ENVY 27 display Click HERE.


Meanwhile, the ENVY 23 display is coming at you this November.



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