Even More Thoughts on WebOS - in a Podcast

palmplus Recently, I came out of hiding to post a couple choice thoughts on The Next Bench about WebOS and where I see it going. I’m a big fan of WebOS and now that Palm is on-board with HP, well, you can imagine some of the directions we’ll be able to explore now.


Speaking of which, did you happen to catch me on the latest episode of WebOS Radio? I chatted with the guys at webOSroundup.com for about an hour-and-a-half about the future of Palm, phones…and – you guessed it -- WebOS. Some good stuff – and some good guys. Take a listen for yourself at webOSroundup.com.


And, by the way, my favorite – if not most puzzling – comment from the boards for the WebOS Radio podcast comes courtesy of @leejcj who says, “If hardware questions were girls, Rahul would be Justin Bieber.” Umm, thanks?


While I'm obviously excited about webOS, I don't want everyone to expect a new product overnight. I'm here to tell the community we're committed at HP to continue the solid foundation that Palm started, and we will come up with some very cool devices. Patience will be rewarded.

by Omar Larriva León
on ‎08-13-2010 03:25 PM

I hope it will be soon!! hurry up 4 PalmPad!!!

by clutch1222
on ‎08-18-2010 12:09 AM

Many of us are still excited about webOS.  Palm brought a ton of Innovation, both in OS and in Hardware with the PRE.  HP Palm ... with such a long silence, will need to bring the same amount on innovation to consumers again. This time, with better build quality, advertising, and a more robust, polished weBOS.


There is hundreds os ways to customize the mighty PRE.  Thanks to those that have dedicated many hours to discover ways to enhance the PRE... The PRE is still cruising, over a year later.


Patient.... many have been. PREward us with new and exciting innovations!





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