EliteBook Revolve: Notebooks.com’s Laptop of CES

revolve award.jpgThe Revolve combines style, flexibility, and an 11.6-inch screen that flips every which way. And when it launched recently, it got some recognition. In fact, it earned a nod as best laptop of CES from Notebooks.com! That’s kinda a big deal considering the sheer number of laptops to come out during CES. I can go more into that in a second, but let’s peek a little closer at the Revolve first…in case you don’t know the deal.


OK, look, The Revolve may be billed as an SMB solution with security features to keep your business on lockdown, but when it comes out in March, I’m angling to get my hands on one to see what I can do with it as a straight-up consumer. I mean, it’s a full-powered Ultrabook with a solid center hinge that lets you rotate that screen all the way around with a flip of the wrist.


Loaded with a third-generation Intel® Core™ processors and the Revolve’s touchscreen handles full Windows 8 really well. (I’ve gone on record about this before, but really, that touchscreen is vital for getting the most out of Windows 8.). Other things I dig: A full-size, backlit keyboard, optional pen, and docking capabilities. What can I say? There are some things SMB users like, but general consumers can appreciate as well.


 In the meantime, I know a couple journalists were fascinated by what they saw….


Like I said up top, Notebooks.com recognized it as their favorite laptop for CES 2013. That’s HUGE, considering how many mobile machines made their first appearances at this year’s show! What they’ve said about the EliteBook Revolve:



 "The HP Elitebook Revolve uses a magnesium alloy frame and a Gorilla Glass display and is MILSPEC 810G rated for durability so it should be able to survive the demands of business workers and road warriors." - 1/3/2012


"The HP EliteBook Revolve is HP’s First all-new EliteBook tablet, offering a modern take on the EliteBook 2760p that’s 38% thinner than the 2760p without cutting the features business users love." - 1/11/2012


...and, last, but not least....


"We chose the HP EliteBook Revolve as the Best Notebook of CES 2013 because it is a fully capable business machine capable of giving corporate users the tools they need to get work done in a very mobile form factor." - 1/11/2012



Anecdotally, I can also tell you that Scott Stein over at CNET was a fan of its design as well. Even came back with a camera crew for a closer, second look. You’ll get a chance to check the EliteBook Revolve out for yourself when it ships, March 2013.

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