Do you ENVY Your PC?

We all do odd things with our PCs sometimes. Use it in a strange place, maybe -- I dunno. Get creative and Photoshop up some pictures? A little later today, we're going to start rolling out the new Facebook timeline for HP and we want your help. We want you to get creative and show off some of the pictures that you've taken. Want a little inspiration? Well, I just so happend to whip out my new DSLR and try my hand at some goofy pics.


Go easy on me, this is my first attempt.


So, lately, I've been running around with an ENVY 14 Spectre and people kept commenting on how cool that lid looks....about how it's like some funky black hotel mirror. That got me thinking....


Spectre Shave - small.jpg


Yeah, not the recommended usage model for an Ultrabook. OK, so next I needed to get out for a bit. Thankfully, the ENVY 17 I have on-hand is well tricked out for day's in, y'know, playing games during my "lunch break."


ENVY Bar - small.jpg


(In case you're curious, this is The Darkness II running beautifully at 1920 x 1080 resolution with all the bells and whistles cranked). Then, at some point when I got home I decided to take this shot -- just below -- of the ENVY 14 Beats Edition, sitting on my couch. Yes, I'm a Photoshop rookie, but I still tried to doctor this shot a little. I mean, why not the ENVY 17 (and Spectre) come with the full version of Photoshop Elements 9.


beats couch 2 - small.jpg


Well, what do you think of my first attempt? Actually forget me, what about you? It doesn't have to be a laptop, maybe you have some cool desktop images you share. Or a funky shot with a TouchSmart. Or a printer. external hard drive? All right, that last one might be a bit of a stretch. Whatever.


I might add a couple more as the inspiration strikes, but head on over to our Facebook page -- and start thinking of cool shots you might like to share.

by wadda
on ‎04-02-2012 11:07 AM

where in the world is the linkup software?  Been trying to fo this linkup of both my computers and I am still at the step 1.  I am sure there is an easier way according to the hp salesman.  Please advise.  Is there somewhere I can get assistance?


Thank you,


by GizmoGladstone
on ‎04-02-2012 11:22 AM

Hey Wadda!


First, you need to make sure that the PC you bought comes with the "Reciever" end of the software.


(Just search for linkup in the start search bar)


Then, you need to make sure your PC on the other end of the equation has the "Sender" software. All the information you need -- including download links for the Sender software is right here...

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