Chase Jarvis Chats with Robert Scoble

Riddle: What happens when you put one of the top photographer/directors in a room with a giant-sized nerd? A LOT.


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If you know anything about photography, video production work, commercial art....I’ll just stop there….you might be familiar with the name Chase Jarvis. I’ll spare you his whole resume here, but the award-winning multimedia maestro conducts a regular video chat on his blog where he sits down with all sorts of pundits from a variety of fields, invites people to jump on twitter and just hang out for about an hour. This week, in particular, is kind of interesting because Robert Scoble (the above-alluded-to nerd) was on-hand to discuss, “The Future of Tech for Creatives.”



During the course of the conversation, Scoble confides, “Part of why I'm here (on CJ LIVE) is that I get access" to some of the hottest, newest tech happening in Silicon Valley. Major companies invite him behind closed doors for his input. So, of course, he comes on Chase Jarvis live, taking a deep dive into gadget and technology trends that’ll influence the world in the next decade.


During the 90-minute gabfest, he took the audience on a tour of some of the hottest technology and trends out there and gave a sneak peek on what’s to come including Google glasses, mirrorless cameras, wearable image sensors, cloud solutions and more.  Check it out at the 45-minute mark.


You know what? Rather than yammer too much about what he said, why don’t you take a peek at the Ustream video of the whole chat?


Video streaming by Ustream


(You can find the whole chat – and comment boards – over at if you want to chime in)


If you don’t have time to sit through the 90 minutes (or scan ahead to the 45 minute-mark I recommended above), here’s what you should know:


Creatives need to take control and work on becoming generalists.  The broader the skills set, the more an artist can achieve, “The best generalists are winning," says Chase. This means finding and using the latest technology to gain exposure and improve their craft.


Produce products and experiences that are ahead of the trend.  For example: Image capture.  Taking a photo and not only having a time stamp, but also twitter information, location, temperature, heart rate.  Chase suggests, “All of these things are part of the story."



In case you were wondering why we’re profiling this on HP’s, it’s because we actually love what Chase Jarvis is doing and sponsor his show. Even if you’re not into photography or filmmaking, you should check it out – it’s like auditing a master-level class in school. For free!


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