CES: New HP Gear, an Ultrabook Tree and One GIANT Laptop

A full week of "geek" is still going on in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show as I write this...and it's been a busy one for HP. In fact, we just got a best-of-CES  award from Notebooks.com for the EliteBook Revolve. I also hit the floor to give you photo evidence of what HP and some of our partners were up to during the show.


We might as well start big. I like to think of this as, “Honey I Shrunk the Nerds.” A giant laptop (technically, it’s a waaaay larger-than-life SpectreXT Ultrabook) loaded with trivia questions. What happens when we set up and get people to compete for geek glory?








Several folks were drawn to our recently announced EliteBook Revolve. It’s a full-powered Ultrabook with a solid center hinge that lets you rotate that screen all the way around. The Revolve may be billed as an SMB solution with security features to keep your business on lockdown, but when it comes out in March, I’m angling to get my hands on one to see what I can do it as a straight-up consumer. In the meantime, I know a couple journalists were fascinated by what they saw….



The new ENVY 27 monitor, packed with Beats Audio and propped up on a funky off-center, this also got a lot of attention. Even when it was sitting next to a giant laptop.




It may have been tiny, but the HP Pocket Playlist was also drawing some crowds. The idea of a portable 32GB media server is perfect for roadtrips….and it’s packed with PlayLater software. Short version: If you’ve got kids and you’re about to hit the road, get this. Or just read my preview for more information.




Our Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook also showed up, proving that you don’t have to make compromises – or break the bank – to get a good Windows 8 experience. What’s nice about this laptop, in my humble opinion, is that with an AMD A8 Trinity processor you’re able to get all your multimedia needs handled PLUS you’ve got a touchscreen interface for under $700. I popped over to the equally crazy AMD Experience Tent where they were showing off the new laptop. (By the way, if you’re at CES, check out their Surround House demo with over 32 channels of audio. It’s pretty awesome. There’s no way a picture is going to do that justice.)




Or....you could just watch this video where AMD asked me to wax poetic about the new Sleekbook.



Over at the Intel booth, they had a couple of our units on display – the SpectreXT and the ENVY x2. People were cruising over to check out them out, but I also spotted a “tree” at the edge of their booth, made out of Ultrabooks. Because, well, who needs a reason? I want a tree made out of laptops in my front yard.




an ultrabook tree.JPG 







So there you have it: It's been a busy week, but here's what CES was like. Good times! A lot of HP innovation and great partners like Intel and AMD. I think some of us need a long nap now.

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