Become an HP Expert (and Get Perks!)

When you visit HP’s award-winning Consumer Support Forum, you’re connecting with contributors that work at HP and customer volunteers from across the globe. Their goal is simple: Help answer your technical questions about HP products.


Our top-ranked contributors – known as HP Experts – are a community of volunteers on the HP Forum who are dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their HP technology.  Whether you’ve got a question about a printer driver or need help with some feature of that laptop you bought, they are on the case.


Today, though, I want to tell you about how you can become an important part of our team – and why you’d want to join us as an HP Expert!


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Be an Expert, Be a Hero

The HP Forum is just one of the ways we connect with and help customers like you answer technical questions about HP products. Employee and customer Experts are an important part of that equation – because we sure can’t do it alone – and that makes them everyday heroes in our eyes.


Without the help of our volunteers, we couldn’t reach all the customers we’d like to; get valuable feedback on ways to improve the support process; develop fixes for products; or get immediate customer feedback. That’s why our valued HP Experts heroes are such an important part of the HP customer support experience.


In fact, some of these volunteers have decided to become really involved on the Forum, climb the ranks, and earn an HPExpert designation by answering volumes of questions that are recognized (“kudo’ed”) as ‘accepted solutions’ by our customers. Getting involved has its privileges as well – top contributors get access to product loans on HP technology and get invited to worldwide Expert meetups.


 Since the launch of the Forums in 2009, we’ve had more than one billion page views and our passionate employees and volunteer HP Experts have served more than 40 million customers. So, how would you fit into the picture?


Join Us: How to Become an HP Expert

We’ve fielded a lot of questions from interested folks passionate about technology who want to know how they can get involved and become an HP Expert. It’s easy! The path to becoming an HP Expert starts by simply being an active Forum participant and helping others.


Remember in school when you knew the answer to a question, and your hand shot in the air? Answering customer questions on the Forum is a lot like that, except we don’t have recess. Our contributors that have climbed the ranks through active participation have HP Expert avatars next to their names, and they have different meanings. For example, a blue avatar  means the Expert is an HP employee, while someone with green avatar  is a customer like you who wants to help answer others’ questions.


Anyone who offers a significant amount of valuable content on the HP Forum is eligible to become an HP Expert. The best Expert posts include practical knowledge that helps others, and they are appreciated by the Forum community, who will give kudos for the best answers and solutions. The more you post – and the more you help others – the more likely you are to become an Expert!


We monitor the Forum all the time, and it’s easy to see the passion, expertise, and fun our Experts are having while helping others solve problems. As you contribute more and rise through the ranks, we’ll let you know when you qualify for Expert status. Some of our Experts earn their designation in just a few months, while others take longer. The time it takes to get there all depends on how involved you are on the Forum.


What’s Involved: Profile of an HP Expert

Many people ask us what kind of skills they need to be an HP Expert – there’s a misconception that our Experts need an engineering or computer science background to help, and that’s not always true.


The ideal Expert enjoys the art of communication and helping others – you’re the kind of person who posts frequently on consumer forums and blogs, or offers advice to other shoppers at your local electronics store. You’re technical in that you enjoy using technology and expanding insights, finding out how it works, and sharing that knowledge.


Our Experts also enjoy engaging with others and writing posts on the Forum to help answer questions. It’s up to you which board(s) you want to join – laptops, desktops, accessories, printers, and more. Spend as much time with the community as you can; we encourage a minimum of an hour a week to gain Expert status.


We’ll also provide the training you need to interact with customers online and answer their technical questions. Remember, it’s a collaborative community, and your volunteer peers are there to help. In the end, HP Experts bring technical advice to a very active customer community – and those efforts are always appreciated.


HP Expert perks

Besides the satisfaction that comes from helping others simply from sharing and expanding on your knowledge, the HP Expert program offers plenty of benefits. I mentioned a few above, but other perks might include access to a private board connecting you to to HP and other top members of the community to get your feedback, or special briefings.


Other perks might include additional permissions on the HP Forums; an HP Expert Avatar that you can use on LinkedIn and other social and professional channels; and many more. Check out our Top 10 Reasons to Become an HP Expert to see some of the most popular benefits.


Make a difference

At the end of the day, HP Experts make a difference in too many ways to count. Did you know that Experts are responsible for tens of thousands of threads per month globally? Or that we’ve had a more than 100 percent increase in questions over the last year as the Forum has become a trusted and reliable resource for our customers?


HP Experts are responsible for a whopping 62 percent of all accepted solutions – and 60 percent of all the kudos on the Forum go to our Experts. If you’ve read this far, I know you’re interested.


Get started now!

Come over the forums and see what we’re doing firsthand. Simply register on the forum, choose a Discussion Board, browse the questions and chime in! Answer a few questions. Or ask them. We want YOU to become an Expert, too!

by sanjay
on ‎01-19-2013 06:40 AM

where can we get the available question so that we can answer to that question and become the expert of the member

on ‎02-17-2013 10:24 PM

Hello Sanjay,
Sincere apologies for the delay in responding. Somehow your comment was not on my radar.

Regardless, thank you for your interest the HP Consumer Support Forum Expert Program. It's very simple to go get started!


  • visit
  • register now (upper right)
  • read First Time here? section for orientation guidance
  • select a board and hop on to start answering questions
  • visit frequently as you are able to




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