Beats Audio Hits HP Desktops

HP’s been dropping Dr. Dre’s Beats audio into laptops and select TouchSmart 600 PCs for some time. Now that high quality on-board sound is finding its way to select HP desktops. Within the next couple months look for the HPE-510 and HPE-570t desktops. They will come primed with Beats audio by default while the Pavilion p6780t and Slimline s5780t will offer Beats audio as an upgrade option.


SPOILSlimline_P.jpgER:  Just look for the Beats audio logo next to the audio jack. It looks like this….


Why is this cool? Well, I’m not going to sit here and extol the virtues of Beats audio. BUT, if you are curious, I recently read Paul Boutin’s love letter to how Beats performs in the Envy 14 on the New York Times blog. Short version: You plug in any headphones and you get a richer, deeper soundscape than you do through garden-variety on-board audio. Want to get a little get bump, you can always opt for Beats headphones as well.


There’s a slightly nerdier take on why I think having this high-caliber audio on a desktop is key. This is the sort of stuff that used to require me taking up a PCI Express slot with a third party sound card, like something from Creative’s X-Fi line. Instead, HP engineers worked with Dre’s Beats team to craft a separately tuned and powered audio chip on the motherboard. Nothing extra to plug in, no extra space required. More important, it sounds good.


Obviously, it’s a little tough to convey through your current machine how these things sound. I’d encourage you to go to any store, bring in your own reference audio (you know, that Katy Perry song clawing around in your head and refuses to leave) and even your own headphones. Plug in and see if you can tell the difference. Just look for those TouchSmart 600 units to see what Beats audio can bring to your desktop experience.


Ask Ken Bosley. The worldwide product manager on the consumer desktop team can be seen here rocking out with an old-skool set of Beats. Because he’s O.G. 



Have any specific questions or thoughts on Beats audio? We want to hear ‘em in the comment boxes! (You see what I did there? ;p)

by AudioKing
on ‎09-15-2011 08:51 PM

To Ken Bosley (Worldwide Product Manager),


I recently (08/08/2011 still in warranty) purchased a Pavilion slimline s5-1060 and have been on just about every HP.COM/support page and HP support both chat 1st and phone 2nd (case #8053875592) looking for some documentation pertaining to the installed Beats Audio specifications about the surround jacks on the rear of the PC. I eventually called a case management person at Hp's headquarters (USA) to escalate the issue and after all this research my final answer from the case management individual was to go to a BEST BUY and again ask my question to find an answer.  From 1998-2001 I was a Test Engineering Manager for First International Computer (FIC) of Texas building Pc's for Compaq Computer Corporation before the Hp buy-out of Compaq. I was first of all appalled at the lack of documentation that came with the s5-1060 but keeping up with the times I realize that all documentation as well as support has been ported to the web. One of the reasons for purchasing the s5-1060 was due to the Beats Audio for use in my newly built Home Theater room. I find that if this is an example of how HP supports a new great feature that people will be purchasing there Pc's from competitors regardless of how great the Beats Audio feature is. Oh and buy the way I have purchased three Hp machines(New) in the past six or seven years and if this is the kind of support they supply on new innovative features I sincerely think I will start not only purchasing but recommending competitors machines to all the people I service and know. I sincerely await your reply about this issue. If no reply is received I have copied this post and intend on posting it around the web. Thank you for your time.

by GizmoGladstone
on ‎09-15-2011 08:55 PM



I'm sorry about the problems you're running into...I can see whom the right person would be to look into this and see what happened in your case. Only catch is that some of the right folks might be travelling right now. When I hear more, I'll let you know.


Thanks for letting me know about what's happening.



by thor-v
on ‎09-18-2011 02:35 PM
beats audio in hp dv-7 6770 ca fails to work - click the beats icon = cannot find .startup file !

I cannot get the BEATS AUDIO software to work in my HP Dv-7 6173cl Entertainment PC laptop


When you click on the BEATS AUDIO icon you get an error message


"cannot find .startup file!"


Can I reinstall from somewhere or is there a fix ?

by dpn
on ‎06-29-2013 03:09 PM

I bought a hp envy sleekbook 4 1080ee on january 29 and it's still in on warranty period. now a days when i opened beats audio in control pannal it shows an error msg beats audio.startup file not find so what I have to do and it's not workiing now a days. If i press fn key and b there's no icon of beats audio on display. kindly please suggest me soon. thanks

by GizmoGladstone
‎06-30-2013 12:47 PM - edited ‎06-30-2013 12:47 PM

You should ALWAYS check our support forums, because they deal with this sort of stuff on a daily basis -- and have the answers that you're looking for.


From the problem you're describing, it sounds like you should check this link out first...


Hope that helps!



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