5 Reasons You Should Care About the ElitePad 900

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All right, the tablet-sized cat is out of the bag. The business-based device that we’ve been teasing for a while now officially has a name – The HP ElitePad 900. Over the next couple days, you’ll likely be hearing A LOT about what makes the ElitePad so nifty for getting your job done. In fact, I’d encourage you to swing by our sister site, 367AddisonAvenue.com, which will go into much greater detail about the ElitePad. Me? I’m still a consumer guy at heart. And while this bit of kit is billed for biz, I still have an eyeball on this for a couple cool-tech reasons. Allow me to count the ways.




  1. *NERD ALERT* Jackets! Anyone who ever coveted an old iPaq PDA back in the day knows how cool jackets can be…(I have a little refresher course coming up on the blog for those who aren’t in-the-know). What I like about this is having a series of jackets that perform different functions. How about a port-replicating Productivity jacket that comes with your tablet. Or an extra battery. Or a ruggedized jacket to keep your ElitePad ding-free. All VERY handy for adding optional features without making your tablet less portable.
  2. 8-megapixel rear camera to snap pictures of all the guys gawking at you.
  3. *NERD ALERT* An optional self-service tool allows access to the ElitePad’s panel, battery and motherboard. How many tablets offer that up? You go think about that. I’ll wait here for you.
  4. It’s running a full OS. Just sayin.
  5. Sleek design with Corning’s ultra-durable, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 2 on board.


Like I said up top, you need to steer over to 367 Addison Avenue if you want a closer look at this business-based solution. What do you guys think? You like what the ElitePad is offering up?





by ferrx
on ‎10-03-2012 04:58 AM


It looks great, thanks for posting Smiley Wink


I also look more details at the "sister site" 367AddisonAvenue.com



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