2Days Beat – HP’s YouTube music experiment

clams casino - split x2.jpgWe need your help for a little experiment. Next week, we are taking over YouTube with Clams Casino to create an Interactive live recording session and your comments are what’s gonna make this awesome. We’re calling it, “2Days Beat.” (#MixingBeats)


Here’s the deal: We’ll take your opinionated quotes, comments and thoughts about electronic music and use them to create not just an original track, but also a music video while you watch. The music makes you think of a unicorn shooting lasers from its mouth? Tell us! A team of graphic artists will be working in the background to change the scenery. You want to hear the beats drop a little quicker? Clammy Clams is on the case. Wanna switch up the lyrics? Rapper Vic Mensa is serving the words up on-the-fly.

Starting at 12 pm – 5pm PT, next Monday (the 18th) and Tuesday November 19th we’ll follow Clams Casino and company as he produces the experience through his HP Split x2. (I’m talking the newer, sweeter model that rocks a fanless haswell-powered tablet. I’ll get to all that in a minute.)


East Coast hip-hop heads know all about New Jersey’s Casino Clams, but if you aren’t in that scene, here’s the “Required Reading” list:


Go to his SoundCloud page and check out a couple tracks. My current favorite – “Crystals” from the Grand Theft Auto V sound track….but you should listen to his work with artists like A$AP Rocky, Lil B and Soulja Boy. For a couple instrumental deep cuts, there are Mixtape collections he’s released as well. (Check out 2011’s The Rainforest EP). Or just watch this teaser video.....



split x2 - beats mixr.jpgNow for a little bit of background about the 2-in-1 detachable hybrid that Clams rocks for this little youtube experiment.
The Split x2 is a great little 13.3-incher – in fact, it’s my day-to-day machine right now. The tablet portion has all the major guts of the PC inside - I’ve got a fully functional Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM….128GB of storage (and a micro SDHC card slot). The base hosts the keyboard, ports like HDMI and USB. Not to mention an optional HDD. This has more than enough juice for getting me through the day, doing everything from play games to…answer emails and write goofy blog posts. But I digress. Learn more about the Split x2 HERE.




So, to conclude - YouTube. Clams Casino. HP Split x2. You. Monday.


Join us at 12pm PT on November 18th at youtube.com/2daysbeat (and at #MixingBeats)


See you there!



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