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4 Reasons Why Global Fluency Matters - an open letter to 6th graders everywhere


I originally posted this letter four years ago, having just returned from another business trip in Europe where I was reminded again why learning in a global context is more important than ever before. Now, as I look across the international economic and political landscape of today, I feel compelled to share it once again…

Six Lessons from a Decade of Education Philanthropy

Poppy in Sonoma.jpg



Through the education philanthropy initiatives I've designed and led in the last decade, I've had the privilege of collaborating with amazing education leaders and innovators from around the world. Looking back at over 1500 projects in 41 countries (or so - I've lost count by now!), a few key lessons stand out. I hope they are helpful to you as well

Extraordinary experiences - immersive learning at NYSCI


What does it mean to have an extraordinary immersive learning experience? Many examples likely come to mind – but I have to say, I’ve never experienced anything quite like the Connected Worlds exhibit at the New York Hall of Science…



My 6 Favorite #edtech Recommendations



I frequently get asked, “What technologies really matter?” It's all about enabling extraordinary learning experiences....

Re-piping the STEM(+) pipeline

There’s a resurging interest in the leaking “STEM education pipeline”, as too many talented students are still missing out or dropping out of the academic experiences that lead to science, technology, engineering, and math academic STEM(+) career opportunities. Teaching everyone coding may be part of the solution, but reflecting back on a decade of grant-making, I think the challenge is deeper and the solution more complex: We don’t simply need to plug the leaks, but we actually need to “re-pipe” the learning experience…



HP LIFE 2.0 : Free online learning for entrepreneurs

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HP LIFE e-Learning (HP LIFE) offers aspiring entrepreneurs, underserved students and small business owners around the world free access to technology-based courses and expertise enabling them to learn the skills that help create jobs and strengthen local communities. Already used by more than 580,000 learners in over 200 countries and territories,


HP is pleased to announce the launch of HP LIFE e-Learning 2.0, a new and enhanced version of this life-changing program...




Learning with Sprout - Free handbook!


There is widespread agreement among educators and education researchers that active learning (DOING) is more effective than passive absorption and memorization. So it's not surprising that the Maker Movement is making inroads among students and teachers. This is why I'm excited about HP Sprout - and the new, free "handbook" of ideas for educators, freshly sprouted from the HP Sprout team...


AP Math Teachers join HP for the first ever HP Prime AP Summer Institute

Advanced Placement (AP) math in U.S. is the pinnacle of high school math, and the HP Prime calculator changes the “success equation” for students. I invited colleague Jessica Cespedes, from the HP Calculator Team, to tell us what’s new and exciting…


 HP Prime_from_above_student_use_96dpi.jpg

Sprout by HP now with full 3D scanning - now you can think, design, and TOUCH in 3D!

As much as I like designing and thinking digitally, I still love the physical/analog world. This is what makes Sprout so much fun - and the fun is about to get even more exciting with Sprout's new true 3D scanning capability. With the newly announced 3D Capture Stage, physical and digital worlds flow happily together. In a time when students need more experience designing and making (real) stuff, I have no doubt that your students will be happy, too....



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Measuring Learning - Strategic Brief from NMC.org


Just released: a strategic brief from the New Media Consortium - Measuring Learning > An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief for educators, policymakers, and economists...

Crossing the EdTech Chasm

Stop the finger pointing — most people are not early adopters, and that’s OK....No matter how you draw the adoption curve, we can safely assume that the vast majority of students do not have, and perhaps never will, have “early adopter” teachers, but that shouldn’t stop us from bringing innovations to schools. We just need a different approach....



The Best of Two Worlds - Exciting Personalized Learning Possibilities from HP & Knewton

best of both worlds.png


Everyone knows that when it comes to learning, one-size-does-not-fit-all. The need for personalized learning is growing, from large urban school districts in the US to rural “not-yet-connected” schools around the world. Why does it seem we’re still just at the tip of the personalized learning iceberg? Perhaps it’s because we left paper out of the learning equation – until now.


Knewton, a leader in adaptive learning, is teaming up with HP to bring the power of print and digital learning together...

Pen & Touch for Education? Head to the WIPTE Conference April 28-30, Redmond, WA, USA



Teaching Science, Math, or Engineering? Then you need more than touch - you need a digital pen... and the WIPTE conference will help you and your students take full advantage of the Power of the Pen.



WIPTTE 2015 Call for Papers - "Pen & Touch - The Perfect Storm"

If you're looking for gathering of leading educators who are exploring how "pen and touch" technologies support amazing learning experiences, WIPTTE is where you will want to be next April....


The backlash against print AND digital textbooks

Going even further back, a Huffington Post article cites an example textbooks1.jpgshowing that college textbooks have increased 812% in cost since 1978, more than 3 times the rate of the overall consumer price index, more than twice the price of new homes nationwide, and over 200% points higher than the increase in medical costs since 1978.

Independent studies question if "platform agnostic" exists

Infographic.jpgWhat was the one-word stumbling block most encountered by educators in their digital learning efforts during the 2013-2014 school year? The issue likely to repeat itself into 2015 and beyond? One where a false sense of security leads many school systems down the same troublesome path? 

Survive and Thrive with EdTech: Less stress and more success when learning new software and hardware

For teachers, learning to use new education technology can have its challenges, but the rewards are great. Below is a wonderful set of tips from guest blogger, Derrall Garrison, a master teacher who is spending 8 weeks at HP as a Teacher in Residence...




If XP is alive and well in your school, so are the chances of lawsuits

Very simply, schools are continuing to leverage computer operating Microsoft-Deutschland-Bye-Bye-XP-Ballon-Aktion-1373130883-0-0.jpgsystems that leave their schools and districts vulnerable to attack, where personal information on students and employees may easily occur. While Windows XP comes to mind, I’m not surprised when I still see even older versions of Windows and Mac operating systems from prior decades still in use. As long as those machines remain connected to your network and internet, they serve as gateways to your confidential information. 

Talking Sensibly About Online Learning

These are exciting times for online learning aficionados. It is an intriguing subject, and one that every educator should be talking about. Those who have taken or designed an online course know there are many elements and educational contexts that make the task of discussing and classifying online learning experiences especially challenging, so I’d like to invite you — online faculty, instructional designers, and interested educators — to respond, debate, and build on what I affectionately refer to as my “Taxonomy of Online Learning Modalities — v2.0”...


(reposted from www.nmc.org/news/talking-sensibly-about-online-learning)



We can never take ourselves “too” seriously in education

Kindergarten-1-225x300.jpgBorn and raised on Long Island, I was rather saddened to read that a local kindergarten school opted to cancel their end-of-year play, a long-standing tradition in that school. The reason, as cited by the school’s principal and teachers would surprise and confound parents and spark a debate on whether our nation’s push towards Common Core and higher stakes testing is ultimately depriving students of a meaningful education. 

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