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Sprout by HP now with full 3D scanning - now you can think, design, and TOUCH in 3D!


As much as I like designing and thinking digitally, I still love the physical/analog world. This is what makes Sprout so much fun - and the fun is about to get even more exciting with Sprout's new true 3D scanning capability.


Sprout is a first-of-its-kind immersive computing platform that redefines the user experience and creates a foundation for future immersive technologies.With the newly announced 3D Capture Stage, physical and digital worlds flow happily together. In a time when students need more experience designing and making (real) stuff, I have no doubt that your students will be happy, too.


  • Imagine going on a field trip, collecting science specimens, and creating a 3D Science Notebook that allows you to share your digital speciimens with your friends.

  • Imagine creating a new version of a 3D model by first scanning an existing physical object, then modifying the resulting 3D model without having to start from scratch. Less time recreating the wheel - more time designing a better one!


Curious how it works? Check out this time-lapse video posted by PC World.



If you had a Sprout, what would YOU make?


Are you a software developer? Check out the Sprout Software Development Kit at www.sprout.hp.com/developer



 - Jim





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on ‎08-05-2015 11:51 AM

This product will definately be awesome.imagine you can have a 3 dimension item saved on your pc or fabricate a object, truely unbelievable. 


I would start off making something really easy..probaly a mug








on ‎08-06-2015 12:34 AM

Envision making another rendition of a 3D model by first examining a current physical article, then adjusting the subsequent 3D model without needing to begin starting with no outside help. Less time reproducing the wheel - additional time outlining a superior one qtp training in bangalore

on ‎08-07-2015 06:13 AM

This all-in-one touch-screen Core i7 PC has a built-in 3D camera tha

on ‎08-12-2015 01:01 AM

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