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HP LIFE 2.0 : Free online learning for entrepreneurs

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HP LIFE e-Learning (HP LIFE) offers aspiring entrepreneurs, underserved students and small business owners around the world free access to technology-based courses and expertise enabling them to learn the skills that help create jobs and strengthen local communities. Already used by more than 580,000 learners in over 200 countries and territories,


HP is pleased to announce the launch of HP LIFE e-Learning 2.0, a new and enhanced version of this life-changing program.





HP LIFE 2.0 is now powered by EdCast, a social knowledge network built to enhance collaboration and online learning. As a result, HP LIFE users have access to new and enhanced learning opportunities from across the EdCast network, including new topics and access to additional quality content from global thought-leaders. HP LIFE 2.0 also enables private communities and discussion forums for collaborating partners.


Twenty five interactive HP LIFE micro-courses cover a wide range of topics, each of which is practical, conveniently self-paced, and offered in seven languages. With thousands of educators and trainers using the program to enrich their curriculum, HP LIFE is already a highly respected, well established program recognized around the world for its scope, reach and impact.


We’re delighted that HP LIFE 2.0 is now available on the EdCast platform,” says Nate Hurst, Sustainability Innovation Officer, HP. “Technology is a key enabler for millions of talented people around the world who do not have access to the educational resources they need to reach their full potential.  Through its combination of online, on-ground and just-when-you-need it learning opportunities, HP LIFE 2.0 opens a pathway to learning for underserved students, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere – providing them with free access to practical business training that helps create jobs and strengthen local communities”.


At HP we have made a comprehensive commitment to sustainability that embraces every aspect of our business.  Through programs like HP LIFE e-Learning, we are driving our vision of using technology to create solutions that make life better for everyone, everywhere.


More details are available in this Overview Presentation. Better yet, sign up today by visiting www.life-global.org!



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About the Author
  • Jim Vanides is responsible for the vision, strategy, design, and implementation of education technology innovation initiatives. His focus is the effective use of technology to create powerful learning experiences that help students around the world succeed. He has been instrumental in launching over 1200 primary, secondary, and higher education projects in 41 countries, including the HP Catalyst Initiative - a 15-country network of 60+ education organizations exploring innovations in STEM(+) learning and teaching. In addition to his work at HP, Jim teaches an online course for Montana State University on the Science of Sound, a masters-level, conceptual physics course for teachers in grades 5 through 8. Jim’s past work at HP has included engineering design, engineering management, and program management in R&D, Manufacturing, and Business Development. He holds a BS in Engineering and a MA in Education, both from Stanford University.
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