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Learning at the Classroom of the Future

HP was proud to be the technology sponsor for the Classroom of the Future, which was demonstrated at the recent Frankfurt Book Fair. The purpose of the initiative was to combine print and online technologies to empower educators. Today’s educators must have rich, effective tools in order to provide customized learning experiences and improved student success. Technology is the enabler.


The event targeted principals, teachers, education ministries, politicians, and other prominent figures in the world of education. It was made possible through a four-way partnership among platform owners (FBF), content creators (ELIG), educational infrastructure providers (Vitra), and technology provider HP.


The Classroom of the Future was attended by over 1,000 students and thousands of visitors. Attendees were able to experience first-hand HP’s contribution to the world of education, bridging print and online for a dynamic learning experience.


As part of the learning experience, each student received an interactive booklet printed on the HP PageWide Web Press with HP Indigo printed covers. 1500 copies were produced with watermarks that included an invisible QR code.


Learning in the Classroom of the Future.pngStudents were then able to use their smartphones for an interactive experience by scanning pages to access additional materials such as articles,  exercises, and videos. HP technology solutions, such as Link Reader and METIS were used to provide a space for pupils to upload their projects, thus facilitating a truly personalized experience.


The Classroom of the Future allows educators to tailor materials to the learning style of each student – in both print and online formats.  


As a result, HP’s personalized learning solutions and advanced technologies are set to transform the world of education and equip each student with the best tools for them to acquire knowledge.  

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