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Collaboration and Good Cheer for Print and the Holidays

Today, full integration between high-volume digital printing and electronic media enable marketers with the ability to execute omni-channel communications strategies with mass customization. For example, combining data-driven print personalization with interactive internet-based technology now brings the print-and-paper medium into the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem. This makes print more dynamic, current, and relevant, while deepening relationships between content senders and content receivers.



Brands and agencies are increasingly using omni-channel strategies that leverage the power of digital print to integrate offline and online messages. IoT and omni-channel messaging present real opportunities for HP’s current and future customers and invites more meaningful bi-directional collaboration.


For HP PageWide customers, the Jetcomm user community provides a forum for idea and information exchange around strategies for print business growth. There is no substitute for gaining real-world knowledge than through the experiences of a trusted peer and partner ecosystem. Jetcomm is customer-driven and customer-focused, demonstrating the dynamic energy and optimism of our customer community through the power of collaboration. Jetcomm also demonstrates to our customers that HP is their true partner in enabling the growth of their businesses.


In 2017, Jetcomm’s North America conference will be integrated into the Dscoop Phoenix conference on March 1 and 2. Later, the same co-location experience will be delivered through the Dscoop EMEA conference in Lyon, France on June 7-9. Both of these conferences are extra-regional, attracting PageWide Web Press customers from all over the world.


Jetcomm at Dscoop Pheonix.pngAt Jetcomm at Dscoop Phoenix, we already have many high-volume inkjet customers registered from as far away as Australia, China, Japan, and Europe. In Phoenix, we will go deep into innovations and opportunities in commercial, production mail, and publishing segments, educating and inspiring users to learn, create, and achieve more for their businesses.


At HP, we recognize and appreciate that community collaboration enhances print value and the world around us. 2016 has been a great year at HP PageWide Web Press and we owe our success to our customers and our partners. As we look forward to a great year ahead, we pause and thank our community and send our best wishes for a restful and collaborative holiday season.

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  • My team works intimately with customers to transform business models and accelerate growth, advocating for production inkjet and digital print in graphic arts.
  • I have worked in most aspects of marketing and am really enjoying immersion in digital printing with all its innovation, opportunities and potential for transformation.
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