Lifecycle of an Ink Drop

Ever wonder how hard it is to be an ink drop?


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Print soft signage with new durable textiles for HP Latex

LKC_Soft Signage.jpg

The demand for textiles for signage is growing and HP Latex Technology presents a practical solution for leveraging textile signage opportunities, in particular:


  • Textiles provide soft touch finishes, great color vibrancy, and are considered to be more premium than vinyl or paper. Due to this fact, the end customer perceives a higher value.
  • Textiles are lighter, wrinkle-free, etc., they are easier to transport, mount and store, making the whole process cheaper due to the fact that the shipment and the storage costs are reduced.
  • The environmental regulations are changing and impacting PVC-based substrates and traditional textiles. Media vendors are moving toward non-PVC based materials and the traditional market is moving toward digital printing.



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Print on washable textiles for decoration with HP Latex Printers

HP_LKC_Textiles Decoration_Bags.jpg



HP Latex Technology is ideal for printing on fabrics used for interior decoration, primarily for indoor applications. With HP Latex Technology, there's no need to invest in a dedicated solution for printing on textiles—you can print on both polyester and natural fibers, such as cotton, on a unique device. This document provides tips and tricks for getting the best results from HP Latex printers when printing on textiles.

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Original HP ink Completes your HP Print System



You researched then finally decided on a printer.

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Durability Challenge

At HP we take ink durability seriously.


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Replacing Duratrans Prints with HP Latex technology

As Silver Halide printing equipment reaches obsolescence, replacing the current Duratrans prints is becoming a priority for many print-service providers.


HP Latex printers offer best-in-class image quality for Backlit materials amongst all ink-jet technologies. Thanks to its vivid colors and high definition HP Latex can replicate Duratrans prints for viewing distances of 1.5m or more.




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Original HP ink Recipe

The secret is in the original ink recipe.

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Visual Effects and Color Layering

Did you know that when you print you're creating an illusion?


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HP Applications videos : Framed textiles

Discover one of the most fashionable soft signage displays around: framed textiles! Move away from the typical methods and find out easier ways to install your designs with the ideal tension.


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The Applications Studio from HP Latex: Floor Graphics

Do you want to know why HP Latex is the perfect technology for today’s application? Learn how to create and install amazing floor graphics avoiding solvent wait time and laminating right away with no delays.


The Applications Studio from HP Latex: Window Graphics

Discover how to create great looking, bubble-free window graphics and learn different types of installation from a simple interior window graphics to a double-sided one.


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HP Latex Paper Applications: How to choose the right media for your HP Latex printer

What's the best paper to use for HP Latex? 




Timothy Mitchell, HP Latex specialist, takes a deep dive into the possible media options, showing you how to get the best out of your HP Latex machine. Discover HP 

Understanding the HP media settings files: *.OMS

All HP large format printers use the same file format to handle media presets. OMS stands for Open Media Settings, due to the dynamic internal data configuration that enables to use the same format across all HP portfolio.

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APJ media recommendation for HP Latex 500 and 1500 Printer Series

HP Media solutions Locator and the front panel of the printer has a searchable database of certified Media. Both options, give the opportunity to the customer for choosing the suitable media for their printer per application

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The Applications Studio from HP Latex: Print and Cut Solutions


The new HP Latex Print and Cut Solutions: take on new applications and reach indoor spaces solvent can’t. With this true print AND cut solution, you can save up to 50% of your time by printing and cutting both using essentially the same space as an integrated device.


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The Applications Studio from HP Latex: Customizable Clothing


The HP Latex Print and Cut Solution can transform floors, windows, cars, but what can it do for clothes? Watch and find out how you can create almost any kind of customizable clothing in 6 simple steps.


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The Applications Studio from HP Latex


The Applications Studio is a new video series where you will discover how to take advantage of your HP Latex Printer to broaden your portfolio and wow your customers. Stay tuned to our playlist to find out how you can make incredible applications such as Vinyls, Banners, Textiles and much much more with HP Latex technology.

Choosing the right Self-Adhesive Vinyl for your HP Latex printer



Self-Adhesive Vinyl (henceforth, “SAV”) is the most widely-used type of substrate for general signage applications and for vehicle graphics. When a customer is looking for a SAV for a project, a frequently asked question is: “Which SAV is the best for my application?”

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Double-sided printing: Block-out or Day & Night?

What is what?


Double-sided block-out (DSBO) printing is for frontlit signs where both sides are printed such as hanging banners. “Block-out” means that the substrate is opaque, allowing different images on the front than the back.




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