Print soft signage with new durable textiles for HP Latex

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HP Latex Printers are compatible with a range of textiles such as polyesters and natural fiber blends. HP Latex prints are odorless and, thanks to the flexibility of the ink, the hand of an un-printed material is maintained.

This document provides tips and tricks for getting the best results from HP Latex printers when printing on textiles.


This document provides information about:


  • Textile brands, references, types, classifications and their main applications within the scope of Soft Signage.
  • A list of textiles that have been tested to guarantee good/very good dry-rub and scratch compared to the materials we have tested so far.
  • All the information and resources that we are offering for each material from the list.
    • Whether the substrate requires an ink collector or not.
    • The recommended media presets (per printer) that the customer must use in order to get the best results with each material (speed, amount of ink and other additional settings).
    • The different options for customers for finding media presets and the previously mentioned information.
  • The key customer requirements regarding the improved performance and/or durability as well as the regulations used to verify image resistance, the test results and the thresholds.
  • Information about media vendor distribution.

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