Vintage Photo Vases

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Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than pictures of friends and family. I especially love collecting and displaying old photos that family members haven’t seen. Here is an interesting way to display vintage photos using an image transfer process. These vases are a great way to showcase some of the great times you’ve had with your family and friends over the summer. I’d recommend keeping some and giving others away as gifts. Add fun fall items, like pine cones, for ambience!



Step One.jpg


Step 1

Print out your images on your printer and cut them out with the scissors. Leave approximately a 1/2” - 1” border around the image.


TIP: If there is any writing or text in the photo, reverse the image before printing to make it readable.



Step Two.jpg


Step 2

Lay your photos face down on wax paper. Spread Mod Podge in a thick layer using the foam brush until you can no longer see the photo. Then place on wax paper.



Step Three.jpg



Step 3

Let your photos completely dry overnight on the wax paper.



Step Four.jpg


Step 4

Once dry, turn your photo over, dampen in the sink and start rubbing away the paper. You can use your finger and medium pressure.


TIP: Don’t rub too long in one place or you will tear the image.


 Step Five.jpg


Step 5

Let the photos dry and see if there are additional areas where you need to rub away paper.



Step Six.jpg


Step 6

Cut out the images and adhere the photos to glass. They will stick if you rub, so rub carefully.



HP Photo Transfer Vases.jpg


I love the idea of doing this on recycled mason jars, glass bottles or any other containers you can get from the thrift store. Surprise your family with old photos when they come over– you can even ask them to guess who is in the photo!


If you love this project, be sure to create your own version and share with us in the Idea Exchange! And be sure to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 



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