Upcycle Tees with Freezer Paper Stencils

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Every single year I get my bag of clothes ready to give to the Goodwill. You know, those clothes you haven’t worn the whole year? Maybe you just don’t like them anymore, or they are no longer in style. Well, I have a great tutorial for you – one that is going to update your wardrobe and save you some money. You can upcycle anything with freezer paper stencils! Have you heard of this technique? It’s very easy to do, and you can use any free clip art you find online. This year I decided to save a few tees from the giveaway pile using freezer paper stencils. Get ready to create your own!


How to create your own stenciled tees



How to create your own stenciled tees


Step 1

Use a program like Word or PowerPoint to organize your design. I've included a PowerPoint template in the attachments to help you get started. Your best bet is to pick free clip art and/or silhouettes that you can get online. Any kind of design will work. Once you have your design and have it sized appropriately, print it on your HP printer.


Tip #1: When choosing a design, remember to make it something that you can easily cut with a craft knife!


How to create your own stenciled tees


Step 2 

Place your freezer paper smooth side down on the top of a cutting mat. Tape your design to the freezer paper and start carefully cutting with the craft knife. I always work slowly, especially around corners. Pop out the extra pieces and throw them away once you have cut them out.


How to create your own stenciled tees


Step 3

Place your freezer paper down on your shirt and iron on the highest setting. You only need to iron for about 15 – 30 seconds, and the freezer paper will adhere to your garment.


How to create your own stenciled tees


Step 4

Use a spouncer and your fabric paint to go over the stencil. I recommend several thin layers of paint as opposed to one thick layer.


Tip #1: Put additional freezer paper in between the layers of the shirt so the paint doesn’t seep through.


How to create your own stenciled tees


Step 5

You can use multiple colors as I did with the mustache design. Once you are done filling in your design, remove the freezer paper immediately (slowly and carefully). Let the paint dry and then set according to the instructions on the bottle.


How to create your own stenciled tees


How to create your own stenciled tees


What do you think? I am ready to use a freezer paper stencil on everything in my wardrobe. You can put them on shirts, ties, jeans, kids clothing . . . the possibilities are endless!


I can’t wait to wear my revamped tees out and about. We’d love for you to make this project and share it in our Idea Exchange. Show us what you use this freezer paper on!

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