Photo Pet Softie

How to make a photo softie


Did you know that you can turn any photo into a small stuffed animal - also known as a softie? Softies make great holiday gifts or toys for any time of year. They are so fun to make, and you can use images of anything – people, pets, children, inanimate objects! Here’s how to make a softie of your own.


Gather Your Supplies

How to make a photo softie


Step 1

Here’s the image that I used for my softie. I printed it out in black and white.



How to make a photo softie


Step 2

Cut the image out and paint the Mod Podge photo transfer medium thickly over the front of the image (until you can no longer see the image). Place face down on the fabric and smooth thoroughly. Let it dry overnight.



How to make a photo softie


Step 3

Wet the paper on the front of the image and wipe away with your fingers. Let it dry and then see if any more of the paper is dried. If it is, wet again and wipe away. Let it dry.



How to create a photo pet softie


Step 4

Pin your image on fabric to another piece of fabric (all the way around the image). Cut around the edges, leaving a ½” border.



How to make a photo softie


Step 5

Now unpin and bring the piece of fabric with no image in front of the image and repin. Sew all the way around the edges with your sewing machine, leaving a 2” opening on one edge. You want to sew with the image toward the inside so that when you flip it, the seams will be on the inside. 



How to make a photo softie


Step 6

Begin to turn the softie inside out.



How to make a photo softie


Step 7

Add stuffing until full and then finish the edge with a sewing machine or needle and thread.



How to make a photo softie


You can make these in any size, and I love the thought of also turning them into ornaments if you make them small enough and add ribbon! If you love this project, create your own version and share it in our Idea Exchange and social channels! I can’t wait to see how you customize this photo softie.  



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