Mustache and Flower Photo Magnets

HP Create Mustache and Flower Magnet


Sometimes a photo just needs a mustache. It's true. I get a little bored of my plain magnets, so that's why I created this little set to spice things up. Some flowers for hair, or the corners of your photos, and a variety of mustaches plus a beard for a face. Perfect. It’s easy to make! Just follow the directions below.


How to create mustache and flower magnets







Print out the mustache and flower printout I made for all of you or create your own!


Tip #1: If you want the printout shapes to be smaller, shrink the size in the printing options, before printing.


How to create mustache and flower magnets



Cut out the shapes. You can cut out the shapes right along the black line, but it is easier to cut out the shapes right outside the black line, like I did in the photo above. 


How to create mustache and flower magnets



If you have a rolled sheet of magnet, flatten it out. Peel back the paper covering the sticky part of the magnet sheet and carefully place the cut out shapes on the sticky side of the magnet.


How to create mustache and flower magnets



Cut out the shape of the magnet. 


How to create mustache and flower magnets


How to create mustache and flower magnets



Print out your photos and decorate! What fun magnets would you like on your fridge?


Another fun thing I've been doing is scanning my old family photos with my Officejet Pro 8600. That way I have them as a digital file. It's always nice to know my old photos are copied and safe. Once they are digital, you can print as many as you'd like! Print some for this project and turn them into magnets or add a mustache.


Create your own magnets then share a picture in our Idea Exchange. We can't wait to see what you create!


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama



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