Love Chef Apron

How to create a love chef apron


I'm a lucky gal. My husband is the cook in our family. He actually enjoys cooking (this is great, since I do not). So, I thought this Love Chef apron would be the perfect gift for him. I provided a couple printouts so you can make your own apron!






Step 1

Choose which printout you’d like: Love Chef with a blue or pink heart? Once you pick it out, do a test run print on normal printer paper. Make sure the ink in your printer is printing correctly (plus, I always set my print quality to “best” when printing on transfer paper). ALSO: read the directions for your iron-on transfer paper. Do you have the proper printer for this paper?


How to create a love chef apron


Step 2

After your test print, print out your words onto the fabric iron-on transfers. Let this dry for a few minutes, then cut it out. Leave about 1/4 inch of "white space" around your printed design.


Step 3

Following the directions of your iron-on transfer paper, heat up your iron to the highest setting (steam turned off). Place a protective fabric barrier onto your floor or countertop (don't use an ironing board, since it's not sturdy enough). 


How to create a love chef apron


Step 4

Place the wording exactly where you'd like it to go on the white apron (words face down). Iron-on the words (following the transfer paper instructions). Let it cool for a few minutes.


How to create a love chef apron


How to create a love chef apron


Step 5

Peel off the paper backing. 


How to create a love chef apron


Step 6

Gift this apron to the chef in your family!


How to create a love chef apron


Hey, do you have any designs you’d like to see for another free apron print out? We’d love to hear it! In the comments below, share some design ideas you may have for an apron print out and I’ll make it to share with all of you!


- Chelsey


P.S. If you make this project (or any project) share it in our Idea Exchange!

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by barbmacaskill on ‎03-02-2014 12:43 PM

My apron would have to say "OOPS, that was glitter not pepper!" I am a glitteraholic and it gets on EVERYTHING!! One time I accidentally brought a salt shaker of black glitter to the kitchen and hubby used it on his food that night. I did not say a word but he commented that it was the best meal he had eaten in a long time. Guess it is true that glitter makes everything better!! LOL

by HP_JackieE on ‎03-03-2014 08:57 AM

Barb- this is fantastic! And it made us laugh out loud. Great idea and great story!

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