Graduation Fortune Cookie Cash Jar

HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


As Amy explained earlier this month, April is dedicated to "Party in a Box" projects! We are putting together project ideas and tips to equip you with everything you need to throw the perfect baby shower, graduation and wedding. We've finished up the Baby Shower Party in a Box and are now moving on to Graduation! Use our “Party in a Box” suggestions with your favorite craft supplies to make your celebration memorable! Today is project #1. Be sure to check back for more projects to complete the party look throughout this week.


Have you been wracking your brain to come up with a graduation table piece that also works great as a present? Well, I have an idea for you: The Fortune Cookie Cash Jar. Make that graduate work for the cash. It's a unique way to celebrate a new step in life and a little bit of money always helps, plus it'll look great as a decor piece at the party!


Before the party, prep all the pieces of the fortune cookie and lay them out. Then when people arrive, they can choose which fortune they want to include to congratulate the graduate, and maybe some money if they’re feeling generous. Ready to create this? Let's go!


HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar



HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


Step 1

Print out all three printables attached at the bottom of this blog post: the Fortune Cookie Template (print as many pages as you need, I printed four), Fortunes and Congrats Labels onto HP Bright White InkJet Paper. Next, cut out the fortunes you like (the final sizes of each fortune should be about 4 inches wide x 1/2 inch high).

 HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


Step 2

Cut out the fortune cookie circles from the Fortune Cookie Template. 

 HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


Step 3

Pinch a line about 1 inch long onto the center of a fortune cookie circle and flip over.


HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


Step 4

Fold your dollar (or whatever cash you're using) to be about 4 inches wide by 1/2 inch high. 


I refer to the left and right sides of the 1 inch folded line as sides "A" and "B". Place your fortune and folded dollar perpendicular to the 1 inch folded line (the a-b line).

 HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


Step 5

Fold together sides "A" and "B" (see photo).

 HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


Step 6

Here's the fun step: With sides "A" and "B" touching, push in the center of the 1 inch folded line. Put one Zots adhesive dot and squeeze together. 


TIP #1: You can use a hot glue gun in place of a Zots adhesive, but the Zots are quick and easy to use.


You now have a paper cash fortune cookie! Yay!

 HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


Step 7

Pick out which color/size 'Congrats' label you'd like to use for your jar. Cut it out and attach the label with a couple of Zots adhesive dots. 

 HP Create Fortune Cookie Cash Jar


Step 8

Fill the jar with your fortunes and give this gift to the lucky graduate! If you have guests do this as they enter the Graduation party, I'd suggest you include a little sign explaining the Cash Jar with just a few quick instructions. I've included these instructions in the attachments below.

How could you customize this project even more for your graduate? You could even leave some blank fortunes for guests to fill out themselves! If you try this out for yourself at a Graduation party, share a picture of your own version in our Idea Exchange! I'd love to see what you come up with!


Enjoy! - Chelsey, The Paper Mama


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