Gift Bag Header Cards

How to create gift bag header cards


There’s a pretty good chance you have a stack of small, brown paper bags in your pantry for lunches on the go. Crafters have been using these inexpensive bags for lots of fun projects and packaging. When decorated or embellished, they are perfect for gifting everything from homemade food items to handmade treasures. To make gifting in style as easy and quick as possible, I’ve designed some printable header cards to add to the tops of your bags.


There are three header cut-outs per sheet designed to fit paper bags 5 to 5-1/2-inches wide. You can open the PDF files in image editing software to adjust the graphics to fit larger or smaller bags, or to modify for other creative projects.


You will need:



To make:


HP Create Bag Header Cards


Step 1

 Download the Brown Bag Header Cards in your design and color choice.



How to create gift bag header cards


Step 2

Print the header card file onto HP Premium Inkjet Matte Presentation Paper in the quantity desired. Once printed, handwrite contents, message, salutation, or any other text in the white panel areas of the cards.



How to create bag header cards


Step 3

Use a metal edge ruler and craft knife on a cutting surface, or a paper trimmer, to cut out each card. Trim cards to the width of bags at this time, or, if preferred, trim once header card is attached to bag. Once trimmed, fold each card between the illustration panels.



How to create gift bag header cards


Step 4

Fill brown paper bags with contents and fold over the top of the bag allowing enough non-filled space on the bag to attach the header card.



How to create gift bag header cards


Step 5

Trim away the excess bag top, leaving at least 1 inch past the fold.



How to create gift bag header cards


Step 6

Place the header card over the fold of the bag and with a stapler, staple the card vertically on each side next to the illustration.


If you don’t want to use staples to secure the card, try these ideas:


  • Secure header cards by hole punching to the right and left of the illustration once the card has been placed on the bag. Thread twine or other string through the holes and tie in a bow in the front.
  • Use your sewing machine to stitch just below the illustration on the cards once placed on the bags. Be sure to catch the lower back of the header card when stitching.

How to create gift bag header cards


Step 7

Trim away excess width of cards once stapled, if not previously cut to size.



How to create gift bag header cards


You’ll note that the back of each folded card is shorter where there is no white panel. You can opt to trim away the white panel on the front of the card as well before attaching the card to the bag as a decorative topper only.


Here are some additional tips when using these gift bag header cards:


  • TIP #1: When packaging unwrapped foods, such as nuts and candies, place them in a plastic bag before inserting into paper bags.


  • TIP #2: To make the base of the bags more rigid, cut blank HP Premium Inkjet Matte Presentation Paper into rectangles to fit snug into the bottom of the bags before filling.


  • TIP #3: Use the folded header card as a decorative spine for a coordinating greeting card!


What would you put in your bags? What are other printable projects you could use the cards or graphics for? Share this project with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. If you create your own version, upload it in our Idea Exchange to inspire the community!





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