Make your own pattern collections!

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With the new feature 'Collections' it is super easy to arrange patterns in color, style types, seasons, and much more and thus use the patterns from Pattern Design more individually. Discover how by reading the full article.

Extra time for migration!

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On September 30th all clients will be automatically migrated to the new HP WallArt Suite. Remember that to work with the generated PDF files you will need a certified RIP version. Click on the image to read the foll article.

The clock is ticking...

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On June 30th all clients will be automatically migrated to the new HP WallArt Suite. Remember that to work with the generated PDF files you will need a certified RIP version.

RIP promotions with the New HP WallArt Suite

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Have you migrated to the new HP WallArt Suite yet? Enjoy all the new possibilities that this version offers you and take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your RIP at an interesting price. 

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HP WallArt Suite’s Augmented Reality

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The new HP WallArt Suite has several new and interesting features. One of this new features is capability to add augmented reality content to your designs. Click on the image above to learn more about this new feature.

The new HP WallArt Suite has been announced.

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On Tuesday 12th of January, the new HP WallArt Suite was announced by HP Inc. in Heimtextil tradeshow in Germany. The HP WallArt Suite is an easy and innovative web-to-print experience designed to help small-to-medium sized print service providers (PSPs) in the decoration space. If you want to learn more about the HP WallArt Suite click on the image above to access the whole article.

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HP WallArt in Designing Spaces

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On October, HP WallArt Solution appeared in Designing Spaces, one of the most important decoration specialized YouTube Channel. Do you want to watch the video? Click on the image to access the video clip and read the whole article.


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HP WallArt improves its usability



The new version of HP WallArt, came with several usability improvements, that will speed your printing workflow and facilitate your designing process.


If you want to learn more about these new capabilities, click the image to access to the whole article.

Create your e-commerce platform with HP WallArt.



Since several years ago, the e-commerce of all different kind of products has increased, and printed applications aren’t an exception. Implementing a proper e-commerce strategy to your business will able you to reach new customers and get higher profits.


For this reason, the HP WallArt team is providing you different tools that will help you to get started to this new business model.


Click the image to learn more about.

Do you know all the HP WallArt 3.0 new features?



On January 14th, the new HP WallArt 3.0 was presented at Heimtextil. This new version of the solutions came with several different improvements that will help you developing you decoration business.


Click on the image to discover more about these new features.

New HP WallArt 3.0 has been announced in Heimtextil.



Today at Heimtextil 2015, HP introduced the third generation of HP WallArt. HP WallArt 3.0 incorporates the new, innovative concept of WallArt in-store design.


Click the image to learn more.

HP WallArt New Features



During the month of December 2014, the HP WallArt team published a couple of documents about the latest improvements of the tool. In this article, you will find a brief explanation about all this new features.


Click the image to know more.

HP WallArt Solution video tutorials are here!



The new HP WallArt video tutorials are here. This compilation of several videos will help you and your customers to use this amazing tool.


Click on the image to learn more.

HP WallArt Solution: application settings


This video explains how to manage your production and customization settings for the different applications offered through HP WallArt.

Create your HP WallArt account today!

Do you know Pattern Design?

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Most of you are already using the HP WallArt solution together with your HP Latex Printer. Read the following post in order to learn more about HP WallArt and its possibilities.

The HP WallArt Quick Guides are here



Would you like to become an expert using the HP WallArt Solution? We've uploaded 3 new Quick Guides that will help you to develop your skills with the HP WallArt Solution.

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Explore the HP WallArt Solution for Decoration



Are you on already in the profitable decoration business? Explore the HP WallArt solution, a really useful and simple tool that will help you to enter to the wallcovering, canvas and poster markets. 


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