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where is the focus?

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Wallart seems to lack real focus.
As a marketing tool for HP it works well to sell printers, but for us as printers who really want customize this tool to bring our clients a awesome online experience it suffers from real issue's

1) Development of wallart must be more open and transparent.
2) we need a roadmap.
3) User interface needs a big update on client side.
4) Much more customisation options needed to make the tool fit our identity
5) language packs need to be updated.
6) loading speed of the application is a issue.

And list can go on...

I really want wallart to be part of my business but without HP's focus it is very hard for me to use it.

We don't need more tools added to signage suite but we need a much better core product then it is now!

For the time being i developed  my own  wallart solution with React , fabricjs and Nodejs build it as a MVP, got user feedback and now implementing features users really want.
But if wallart fixes their issues i think i give wallart a second change.

I am open for discussion and to help make wallart a better tool

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Re: where is the focus?

Hello @Multimediagroup


I would like to thank you for your valuable feedback. We are constantly improving HP Applications Center and even more by listening our customer needs. We truly  appreciate your inputs to keep moving forward. There are new features and options to integrate ion HP Applications Center next release that might fit your needs.


Please feel free to contcat us any time



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