Introducing HP TeamSite Optimost Audience Builder

HP TeamSite Optimost Self Service.JPGClick here for the latest HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin and HP TeamSite Optimost product updates


We’re very excited to release HP TeamSite Optimost Audience Builder, our latest self-service feature – available now! What is Audience Builder? Audience Builder is a key part of our strategy to put the incredible power of Optimost at your fingertips... 

Engage and increase DAM adoption across the enterprise with HP MediaBin Portal Client

Introducing HP MediaBin Portal Client.pngClick here for the latest HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin and HP TeamSite Optimost product updates


MediaBin Portal Client is another view into the MediaBin repository targeted at the everyday user within the enterprise or external users such as partners, dealers and agencies. MediaBin Portal Client provides a streamlined, simple browser-based experience to view, search, and download digital content...

Accelerate time-to-market and easily create beautiful, modern digital experiences with HP TeamSite 8

HP TeamSite 8.jpgClick here for the latest HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin and HP TeamSite Optimost product updates


HP TeamSite is a modern, dynamic, and flexible platform for digital experience management that enables you to easily take control of multichannel experiences and campaigns. It makes it easier to deliver outstanding digital experiences...

CCNG hosted by the Texas Workforce Commission: Smarter contact center hiring decisions

Dr. WFO presenting at CCNG - March 2016.jpgThank you to Candy Kothmann, North Texas Tele-Center Director of the Texas Workforce Commission, for hosting the first of many CCNG events in March. The event covered the topic on making smarter hiring decisions; it was well-received by all who attended. HP Workforce Optimization Software was one of the sponsors of the event.  If you are not currently a member of CCNG or haven’t attended a regional CCNG event, I highly encourage making the time...

“Spring cleaning” the office – HP Exstream’s short guide to personalizing customer communications

Spring Cleaning with HP Exstream.jpgAs many of us begin to dig out from a long winter, the time has come to shift toward the annual ritual of spring cleaning. We often think of spring cleaning as a focus on ridding ourselves of excess home clutter, but what about the office? Have you considered the importance of “spring cleaning” your customer-facing documents?

Forrester positions HP MediaBin as a versatile digital asset management solution

Forrester DAM Use Case Landscape - Cropped.pngGuest blog by Brian Weiss, Chief Technology Officer, HP Software


Most organizations are struggling to manage the flood of rich media moving through their networks on a daily basis.  To make it even more challenging, customer engagement channels have wildly expanded and marketers now need this rich content to create compelling digital experiences. As quickly as this volume and demand has spiked, niche solutions have cropped up to support tactical use cases...

5 best practices for optimizing your hero banners

Remove unnecessary banners - 5 hero banner optimization tips.jpgOver the past eight years, I’ve conducted hundreds of unique experiments, but there are very few page elements that I’ve tested more frequently than hero banners. I recently had the opportunity to reflect on just how influential the hero banner can be. 

Do you have the GRIT for testing success?

GRIT Framework - LexisNexis.pngThe GRIT framework is an evidence-based optimization model, developed by Mark Fassbender, Global Head of Web Optimisation at LexisNexis. The GRIT framework empowers a testing program based on data and actionable insight, to avoid ‘Random Acts of Testing’ (or RATs) and testing based on opinion. The framework is powered by business objectives and goals, which in turn, define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the test and testing program...

Introducing HP TeamSite 8.1

HP TeamSite 8.1 Announcement.jpgIn HP TeamSite 8.1, we’ve introduced some exciting new capabilities designed to simplify the process for marketers to create amazing digital experiences. I want to share one of those with you here. The process from design to implementation for new pages on your website can be frustratingly slow. HTML2Template makes it a snap—marketers can grab web designs and convert them directly into TeamSite pages.

Escape from the Dark Side with HP Qfiniti 10.5 & HP Explore 5.1

HP Qfiniti 10.5 and HP Explore 5.1.pngEver feel like you’re on the Dark Side of workforce optimization?


I am very excited to tell you how, with the recent release of HP Qfiniti 10.5 and HP Explore 5.1, the force of HP Workforce Optimization Software’s leadership position in contact center analytics can be with you.

Get to know your HP WFO Software Superstars – Alan Au

Alan Au.jpgAlan Au is on the HP Workforce Optimization Software support team, and he’s also another torch-bearer from the etalk days. Alan works out of the Plano, TX office where he helps customers resolve any challenges and moves issues up the chain when more attention is needed.


In this #WFOSuperstars interview, you’ll learn a few things about Alan and his work with HP Workforce Optimization Software. Read on to get the full story...

Keyword segmentation can turn a failed test into a big success

Lift vs Control.JPGTesting and optimization has really increased in popularity over the past couple of years.  With the increase in popularity has come an increase in what testers are using the software for.  Organizations, both big and small, are going above and beyond AB and MVT testing...

Where the rubber meets the road for customer experience

Customer experience at Rebecca Minkoff store.jpgIt seems to me there is no better opportunity to think about customer experience than while traveling. You’re out of your normal element, juggling demands on your time, in unfamiliar locations and contexts. There are so many opportunities for amazing customer experiences to help you and poor customer experiences to let you down. Recently I went to New York to and four experiences stood out in unexpected ways...

E.ON and Choice Hotels deliver customer experience success with HP Software

Exstream - E.ON 2.JPGI’m excited to share two of our latest customer success stories with you from two fantastic organizations who are using HP Software technology to drive customer experience success. The first success story features E.ON, one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies, powering over five million homes and businesses. Each year they send out over 40 million customer communications...

Are you in control of your web optimization program?

SELECT plots for CRO prioritization - HP Optimost.pngIn my last blog post in the series on Game-Changing CRO, I talked about what it’s like when you have what seem like unlimited testing resources and the level of success that’s possible. I also showed how hard it is to have big success with a testing program based on hippos and rats. In this post, we’ll talk about one of four key ways to take control of your program and deliver big wins: Having a good plan, and prioritizing it.

Omnichannel communications make a difference

Omnichannel Communications.jpgHistorically, the management of customer communications has been relegated to the back office. Operational systems have been seen as a necessary evil to running the business or outsourced as a commodity to a print service provider along with print and fulfilment operations. Over recent years HP has noted that business to consumer organisations are recognising that customer communications are a core part of an organisation’s proposition...

You have a Voice of Customer program in place, but now what?

VoC Dimensions in the Contact Center - HP WFO Software.pngMost contact centers have a Voice of Customer (VoC) initiative in place that pulls together customer data from sources that can include web and voice surveys, quick polls and social media. In what Forrester Research calls the age of the customer [1], VoC programs are clearly a mission critical component of contact center operations. Yet having a VoC program in place and actually deriving value from the effort is not always an easy task.

Get to know your HP WFO Software Superstars – Adil Berdai

Adil Berdai.jpgAdil Berdai is Senior Product Manager on the HP WFO Software product management team, and he spends his days managing the products that help our customers improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in their contact centers. Based in Plano, TX, Adil brings a spirit of innovation to the world of workforce optimization so that our customers can boost their powers of engagement to new levels. In this #WFOSuperstars interview, you’ll get to know more about Adil and his work with HP WFO Software.

Dr. WFO has a prescription for reducing customer effort

Dr. WFO Recommended - HP WFO Software.pngDoes your contact center suffer from Diminished Customer Delight (DCD)?


This is an all-too common ailment when it comes to customer engagement, but now relief is near. Roger Lee, aka Dr. WFO and my colleague here at HP WFO Software, has teamed up with contact center experts at ICMI to offer remedies for reducing customer effort, the all-important metric that makes or breaks your ability to delight customers.

HP Optimost helps National Rail Enquiries boost conversions

National Rail Enquires case study - HP Optimost.jpgNational Rail Enquiries (NRE), the definitive source of customer information for UK rail service, reaches 500 million users every year. With so many web visitors, NRE is constantly improving their website and mobile experiences so travelers have a fast and easy buying process.


Continue reading to see how NRE uses HP Optimost to boost conversions. 

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