Can you afford desktop analytics and agent guidance?

The benefits of Qfiniti Optimize.pngAs a call center professional for many years, it became an annual ritual for me to devise return-on-investment (ROI) studies for an abundant variety of contact center technology investments.  Given the profound potential effect of a well-designed desktop analytics and guidance solution on a number of call center cost drivers, the business case for desktop analytics products is remarkably strong...

HP Qfiniti Optimize: Supercharge your desktop applications

HP Optimize - Disjoined Applications 1A.PNGIn this blog we will discuss the strategic advantages to using an effective agent desktop guidance and automation product like HP Qfiniti Optimize.  Because the underlying technologies are similar, desktop automation and guidance products are frequently sold in conjunction with products that measure desktop activity...

HP Qfiniti Optimize: Simple and meaningful

HP Qfiniti Optimize for measurement - TW.pngThere are several software products on the market called “desktop analytics.”  Different products collect different information from the desktops, and different products have different ways of organizing the data collected and exposing this in reports. At HP Software, we took a good look at the rest of the desktop analytics market and...

Upcoming webinar: Selling the value of the contact center inside your organization

Selling the value of the contact center.jpgAs a contact center leader, are you always asked to do more with less, yet expected to deliver an outstanding customer experience? Are you tired of having to justify or ask for investments for your contact center during the budget planning process? If you answered yes, then you’ll want to attend my upcoming webinar... 

Using desktop analytics to understand your AHT

HP Qfiniti Optimize - Understand your AHT.pngBefore recently joining the HP Workforce Optimization Software team, I worked for a large global contact center organization, where I was in charge of QA and Training.  One of my responsibilities... 

Get to know your HP WFO Software Superstars – Jack Jarocki

HP WFO Software Superstar.pngAs the editor of these WFO interviews, I have to say that Jack Jarocki’s interview was one of my favorites to read. Jack is such a positive person, and I felt inspired reading his thoughts on working here at HP. He’s the head of Professional Services for HP Workforce Optimization Software, and in this interview he shares: his view on why our products are superior, some amazing customer milestones, and an excellent quote about how he views our customers. Don’t miss this #WFOSuperstars interview!

CCNG hosted by the Texas Workforce Commission: Smarter contact center hiring decisions

Dr. WFO presenting at CCNG - March 2016.jpgThank you to Candy Kothmann, North Texas Tele-Center Director of the Texas Workforce Commission, for hosting the first of many CCNG events in March. The event covered the topic on making smarter hiring decisions; it was well-received by all who attended. HP Workforce Optimization Software was one of the sponsors of the event.  If you are not currently a member of CCNG or haven’t attended a regional CCNG event, I highly encourage making the time...

Escape from the Dark Side with HP Qfiniti 10.5 & HP Explore 5.1

HP Qfiniti 10.5 and HP Explore 5.1.pngEver feel like you’re on the Dark Side of workforce optimization?


I am very excited to tell you how, with the recent release of HP Qfiniti 10.5 and HP Explore 5.1, the force of HP Workforce Optimization Software’s leadership position in contact center analytics can be with you.

Get to know your HP WFO Software Superstars – Alan Au

Alan Au.jpgAlan Au is on the HP Workforce Optimization Software support team, and he’s also another torch-bearer from the etalk days. Alan works out of the Plano, TX office where he helps customers resolve any challenges and moves issues up the chain when more attention is needed.


In this #WFOSuperstars interview, you’ll learn a few things about Alan and his work with HP Workforce Optimization Software. Read on to get the full story...

You have a Voice of Customer program in place, but now what?

VoC Dimensions in the Contact Center - HP WFO Software.pngMost contact centers have a Voice of Customer (VoC) initiative in place that pulls together customer data from sources that can include web and voice surveys, quick polls and social media. In what Forrester Research calls the age of the customer [1], VoC programs are clearly a mission critical component of contact center operations. Yet having a VoC program in place and actually deriving value from the effort is not always an easy task.

Get to know your HP WFO Software Superstars – Adil Berdai

Adil Berdai.jpgAdil Berdai is Senior Product Manager on the HP WFO Software product management team, and he spends his days managing the products that help our customers improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in their contact centers. Based in Plano, TX, Adil brings a spirit of innovation to the world of workforce optimization so that our customers can boost their powers of engagement to new levels. In this #WFOSuperstars interview, you’ll get to know more about Adil and his work with HP WFO Software.

Dr. WFO has a prescription for reducing customer effort

Dr. WFO Recommended - HP WFO Software.pngDoes your contact center suffer from Diminished Customer Delight (DCD)?


This is an all-too common ailment when it comes to customer engagement, but now relief is near. Roger Lee, aka Dr. WFO and my colleague here at HP WFO Software, has teamed up with contact center experts at ICMI to offer remedies for reducing customer effort, the all-important metric that makes or breaks your ability to delight customers.

Get to know HP WFO Software superstars – Buddy Whittenburg

Buddy Whittenburg.jpgBuddy Whittenburg is an HP WFO Technical Solutions Consultant for the HP WFO Software group, and he spends his days working on the Qfiniti support team. Based in Plano, TX, Buddy brings a 360-degree view of the organization, having begun his career 13 years ago with eTalk answering phones while still in college. In this #WFOSuperstars interview, you’ll get to know more about Buddy and his work with HP WFO. Read on to get the full story.

Frost & Sullivan says HP delivers “fully featured WFO suite”

Frost and Sullivan - HP WFO Software A.jpgIt’s hard to believe that we’re already over a month into the New Year! All of us at HP WFO Software hope that 2016 is proving to be a successful one for you. With the news that I’m very excited to share with you now, it’s clear that we’re off to a great start too. Now I’m excited to let you know that Nancy Jamison, a principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan, has issued her own vendor assessment, HP WFO: A New Position for a Brand you Trust. Like Mr. Dawson, Ms. Jamison believes every contact center should consider HP Qfiniti for their workforce optimization needs...

Webcast recap: Why desktop intelligence is key to great CX

Desktop Intelligence.jpgBoth Lorne and I want to thank everyone who attended our webcast last week. In case you missed it, you can find a recording of the webcast here. The audience participation was engaging with lots of sharing and questions. The topic of Average Handle Time (AHT) garnered a great deal of discussion. Many attendees shared how they defined AHT within their organizations...

One more resolution for 2016: Create a formal VoC program

Create a VoC program - Are you listening.jpgAs January winds down and most of the New Year’s resolutions have either become a habit or a memory, I thought I would offer one more resolution to consider for 2016: Create a formal Voice of Customer (VoC) program. 


In one of our breakout sessions during HP Engage 2015, Roger Lee (aka HP WFO Software’s own Dr. WFO) stated that about 66% of companies don’t have a formal Voice of Customer program. Based on my experience, that seems about right...

NICE Systems acquires Nexidia: Reading between the lines

Reading between the lines - NICE acquires Nexidia.jpgOn January 11 2016, NICE Systems announced the acquisition of Nexidia for $135 million in cash. Market activities such as this usually reveal information that is otherwise difficult to identify amongst carefully-crafted marketing statements. There are several interesting pieces of information this particular transaction brings to light. 

To begin with, some background on the two companies...

Get to know your HP WFO Software superstars – Kevin Dodson

Kevin Dodson.jpgKevin J. Dodson is a Technology Consultant for HP WFO Software, which means he spends his days installing and supporting HP Qfiniti and HP Explore in customer contact center environments. Based in Pleasant Hill, CA, Kevin is true workforce optimization royalty, considering his roots go as far back as where it all began 27 years ago with Teknekron Infoswitch. In this #WFOSuperstars interview, Kevin shares some of his wisdom and why he still calls HP WFO Software his home. Read on to get the full story.

Why you need to understand data & how analytics can use it

Understanding data analytics in contact center.jpgI recently had an opportunity to work on a contact center analytics proof of concept project with a company and found an interesting but not surprising situation.


The people from that company wanted to achieve some radical and business-altering results and came with lots of great ideas. Unfortunately they had some unrealistic expectations about what the results would be. 

Ready, set, action! HP Engage 2015 demos now available

HP Engage Demos.jpgYou’ve seen the case studies from HP Engage 2015. You’ve watched the keynote replays. And now, I’m excited to share a look at our products in action with new demos.


At Engage, attendees had a chance to experience the HP Software product suite first-hand in the Solution Showcase. Our staff of technical experts was on-hand to demonstrate our products’ features and capabilities. 

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