Does your testing program have the flexibility to meet your goals?

Not a hammer.jpgI think most of us would agree that flexibility and the ability to adapt are important, but we perhaps don’t realize how much we rely on this. Take for example our eyes – our pupils open and close to adapt to the amount of light in our environment, and we can see small differences of color in bright daylight, while still being able to make out shapes in low light... 

Want to trade your cube for the corner office? Find out how!

Trade up from cube to corner office.pngAre you an insurance Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) expert looking to make your mark, but you feel like you're slaving away with little sustained success? Or are you meeting stiff resistance before you can even express or implement your ideas?


You're not alone. Optimost is creating a practical how-to guide just for you called, Trade up: from cube to corner office. Learn how you can make an impact, feel recognized, and climb to the top of your organization.

Flying high (and low): Customer experience across the pond

CX across the pond - Gare Du Nord.JPGI recently blogged about customer experiences I noticed on a business trip to New York, and how we are more attuned to both good and bad experiences when traveling than when we are in our normal day-to-day routines. Not long after my trip to New York, I went to London and Paris for a week and had some more interesting experiences! I have the privilege of traveling to London a number of times a year, so this point I feel pretty familiar layout and procedures on arrival at Heathrow...

Take advantage of our new HP TeamSite Optimost self-service features: JavaScript and CSS editing

HP TeamSite Optimost - JavaScript Editor.pngClick here for the latest HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin and HP TeamSite Optimost product updates


We’re very excited to release our latest self-service features – JavaScript and CSS editing, available now in VisualTest! Both of these features are a direct response to requests we’ve heard from our customers, and fit into our strategy to put the incredible power of Optimost at your fingertips. 

Introducing HP TeamSite Optimost Audience Builder

HP TeamSite Optimost Self Service.JPGClick here for the latest HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin and HP TeamSite Optimost product updates


We’re very excited to release HP TeamSite Optimost Audience Builder, our latest self-service feature – available now! What is Audience Builder? Audience Builder is a key part of our strategy to put the incredible power of Optimost at your fingertips... 

5 best practices for optimizing your hero banners

Remove unnecessary banners - 5 hero banner optimization tips.jpgOver the past eight years, I’ve conducted hundreds of unique experiments, but there are very few page elements that I’ve tested more frequently than hero banners. I recently had the opportunity to reflect on just how influential the hero banner can be. 

Do you have the GRIT for testing success?

GRIT Framework - LexisNexis.pngThe GRIT framework is an evidence-based optimization model, developed by Mark Fassbender, Global Head of Web Optimisation at LexisNexis. The GRIT framework empowers a testing program based on data and actionable insight, to avoid ‘Random Acts of Testing’ (or RATs) and testing based on opinion. The framework is powered by business objectives and goals, which in turn, define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the test and testing program...

Keyword segmentation can turn a failed test into a big success

Lift vs Control.JPGTesting and optimization has really increased in popularity over the past couple of years.  With the increase in popularity has come an increase in what testers are using the software for.  Organizations, both big and small, are going above and beyond AB and MVT testing...

Where the rubber meets the road for customer experience

Customer experience at Rebecca Minkoff store.jpgIt seems to me there is no better opportunity to think about customer experience than while traveling. You’re out of your normal element, juggling demands on your time, in unfamiliar locations and contexts. There are so many opportunities for amazing customer experiences to help you and poor customer experiences to let you down. Recently I went to New York to and four experiences stood out in unexpected ways...

E.ON and Choice Hotels deliver customer experience success with HP Software

Exstream - E.ON 2.JPGI’m excited to share two of our latest customer success stories with you from two fantastic organizations who are using HP Software technology to drive customer experience success. The first success story features E.ON, one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies, powering over five million homes and businesses. Each year they send out over 40 million customer communications...

Are you in control of your web optimization program?

SELECT plots for CRO prioritization - HP Optimost.pngIn my last blog post in the series on Game-Changing CRO, I talked about what it’s like when you have what seem like unlimited testing resources and the level of success that’s possible. I also showed how hard it is to have big success with a testing program based on hippos and rats. In this post, we’ll talk about one of four key ways to take control of your program and deliver big wins: Having a good plan, and prioritizing it.

HP Optimost helps National Rail Enquiries boost conversions

National Rail Enquires case study - HP Optimost.jpgNational Rail Enquiries (NRE), the definitive source of customer information for UK rail service, reaches 500 million users every year. With so many web visitors, NRE is constantly improving their website and mobile experiences so travelers have a fast and easy buying process.


Continue reading to see how NRE uses HP Optimost to boost conversions. 

Your competition has all read this blogpost - Don’t be left behind! (Does scarcity messaging work?)

Urgency and scarcity in CRO - HP Optimost.jpgThe internet offers us many benefits, including access to information, entertainment, and products or services, all on-demand.  If I want to watch my favorite episode of The Office (which by the way, is the incredible “Branch Closing” episode in Season 3), I log into Netflix.  If I decide to get away for the weekend, I can buy a flight and hotel in 10 minutes or less.  Life is good! 

Does your testing program have it all?

Revenue fraction captured - HP Optimost webinar.jpgWe were excited to partner with WhichTestWon recently to present a webinar: Game-Changing CRO in 4 Quarters: Practical Strategies to Tackle Real-World TestingIn part one of the webinar, we covered a mini case study: What would your testing program look like if you could have it all, and why can’t you?

Got great test results during your sale period? Don’t expect them to last year round

Scarcity in web optimization - HP Optimost.jpgThe Black Friday, Christmas and January sales buying binge is finally over. You rolled out all your winning test results from the previous year, so they should have seen you achieve record conversion and revenue. You also got some great test results over the past two months, which you can roll out and make yet more over the remaining 11 months of 2016. Right?

Webinar: Game changing CRO in 3 easy steps

HP Optimost WhichTestWon webinar.jpgIn a perfect world, you’d run hundreds of tests a year and make hundreds of millions for your business. But limited resources, time, knowledge, and culture often stand in your way. Join HP Optimost and WhichTestWon for a live webinar on Thursday, February 11 from 2-3 PM EST. You’ll learn game-changing tactics and savvy conversion strategies that have made all the difference to our customers and will transform the way you test...

How FindLaw achieves data-driven success with HP Optimost

FindLaw Case Study.JPGI am excited to share a new HP Software customer success story. makes the law accessible to the public by providing information on common legal issues for consumers and small businesses and allowing law firms to advertise their services through a large online attorney directory. 

5 customer experience insights & keynotes via HP Engage 2015

Keynotes at HP Engage 2015.JPGHappy New Year!  Before the holidays, I shared our series of customer case study videos from HP Engage 2015. They showcase fantastic examples of how our customers are delivering innovative customer engagement. Today, I’m excited to share keynote replays from HP Engage. Each of our product leaders took the stage to share business visions, product innovation, and key trends in customer experience.

Transforming digital with HP Software Professional Services

Get to know HP Software Professional Services.JPGGuest post by Bryan Rellinger, WW Head of Global Services


According to Forrester, 89% of firms say digital transformation is the priority1. Have you been wondering what steps you should take to begin your organization’s digital transformation?   With all of the different offerings out there it can sometimes be difficult to determine the path that best suits your organization’s needs and goals.

New HP Software customer case study videos available

HP TeamSite + BlueCross of Idaho Case Study.JPGIt’s been a busy couple of months for the HP Software team. Back in November, we hosted HP Engage 2015 in San Diego and spent three days sharing best practices, learning from thought leaders, and celebrating customer successes.


At the conference, we unveiled a series of new customer case study videos, highlighting how our customers are making innovative strides in customer experience. 

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