Hear from Forrester and InfoTrends CX experts at Dialogue 2016—and get the Early Bird before July 31

Dialogue2016_type_FINAL_colors_OL.jpgPreparations are well underway for Dialogue 2016—the industry’s customer engagement event of the year! And what a timely event this is, with everyone talking about customer engagement or customer experience. These new initiatives are a priority for leading businesses. Of course, for our customers, we know you already think it’s important. But in addition, the industry agrees: Forrester recently reported that 89% of companies consider digital transformation a priority, which makes this year’s event one you won’t want to miss.

Get expert insight at Dialogue 2016 – Announcing keynote speaker: Forrester’s Ron Rogowski

Ron-Rogowski-NEOPDF.JPGWe’re happy to announce that Forrester’s Ron Rogowski, Principal Consultant serving customer experience professionals, is the Dialogue 2016 keynote speaker! Ron will share how companies can develop and execute digital-first customer experience strategies, and deliver on the needs and expectations of today's multi-touchpoint customers. It’s a conversation you won’t want to miss.

The year’s best conversation: Announcing Dialogue 2016 – Sept. 26-28, 2016



In today’s business world, your ability to hold personalized conversations is one of the simplest keys to success. And that’s why HP Software is excited to bring you Dialogue 2016 (formerly HP Engage)—our new keynote event focused on the Digital Transformation that is changing the way customers and businesses communicate today.

Omnichannel communications for your digital-savvy customers

infographic-thumb.JPGWith 75% of the workforce being digital native by the year 2025, digital communications are becoming more and more important. I’m not a millennial but I live with a few of them and I have noticed some differences. At first I didn’t buy into the whole idea that this generation was that much different than the rest of us. But as I pay attention to the way my 18 year old son interacts with his friends, how he makes decisions about brands and how he recently responded to his insurance company’s email about repairing his car after a fender bender; I am beginning to see the light.

Can you afford desktop analytics and agent guidance?

The benefits of Qfiniti Optimize.pngAs a call center professional for many years, it became an annual ritual for me to devise return-on-investment (ROI) studies for an abundant variety of contact center technology investments.  Given the profound potential effect of a well-designed desktop analytics and guidance solution on a number of call center cost drivers, the business case for desktop analytics products is remarkably strong...

BNP Paribas Personal Finance delivers simplified & personalized communications with HP Exstream

HP Exstream - BNP Paribas Personal Finance.JPGGuest blog by Patrick Kehoe, WW Head, HP Exstream


I’m excited to share a new HP Exstream customer success story featuring BNP Paribas Personal Finance, a global leader in financial services. Watch this new case study to learn how BNP Paribas Personal Finance has used HP Exstream for more than 10 years...

Does your testing program have the flexibility to meet your goals?

Not a hammer.jpgI think most of us would agree that flexibility and the ability to adapt are important, but we perhaps don’t realize how much we rely on this. Take for example our eyes – our pupils open and close to adapt to the amount of light in our environment, and we can see small differences of color in bright daylight, while still being able to make out shapes in low light... 

Want to trade your cube for the corner office? Find out how!

Trade up from cube to corner office.pngAre you an insurance Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) expert looking to make your mark, but you feel like you're slaving away with little sustained success? Or are you meeting stiff resistance before you can even express or implement your ideas?


You're not alone. Optimost is creating a practical how-to guide just for you called, Trade up: from cube to corner office. Learn how you can make an impact, feel recognized, and climb to the top of your organization.

HP Qfiniti Optimize: Supercharge your desktop applications

HP Optimize - Disjoined Applications 1A.PNGIn this blog we will discuss the strategic advantages to using an effective agent desktop guidance and automation product like HP Qfiniti Optimize.  Because the underlying technologies are similar, desktop automation and guidance products are frequently sold in conjunction with products that measure desktop activity...

Why customer engagement is critical to your success

HP Exstream - Customer engagement infographic.jpgThe term “customer engagement” is everywhere now. The industry is moving from touting “customer experience” to “engagement” because we all know that “engagement” is much deeper; it is about interactions, not just transactions. Excelling in customer engagement is a critical component to outperforming your competitors and delivering lifetime customer value...

HP Qfiniti Optimize: Simple and meaningful

HP Qfiniti Optimize for measurement - TW.pngThere are several software products on the market called “desktop analytics.”  Different products collect different information from the desktops, and different products have different ways of organizing the data collected and exposing this in reports. At HP Software, we took a good look at the rest of the desktop analytics market and...

Gore Mutual wins award for app powered by HP Exstream

Gore Mutual Award - HP Exstream.jpgExcelling in customer experience is a critical component to outperforming your competitors and delivering lifetime customer value.  As millennials and Gen-Zers are become the norm – 75% of the labor force will be digital born by 2025 – insurers are realizing they must be able to deliver digital communications and do it quickly because digital natives don’t like to wait. Gore Mutual recognized that and is already incorporating digital communications...

Upcoming webinar: Selling the value of the contact center inside your organization

Selling the value of the contact center.jpgAs a contact center leader, are you always asked to do more with less, yet expected to deliver an outstanding customer experience? Are you tired of having to justify or ask for investments for your contact center during the budget planning process? If you answered yes, then you’ll want to attend my upcoming webinar... 

Using desktop analytics to understand your AHT

HP Qfiniti Optimize - Understand your AHT.pngBefore recently joining the HP Workforce Optimization Software team, I worked for a large global contact center organization, where I was in charge of QA and Training.  One of my responsibilities... 

It’s technically easy to upgrade to the latest version of HP Exstream

Upgrading HP Exstream.PNGHP Exstream is a powerful, efficient and robust multichannel customer communications solution that allows users to create a variety of simple and complex customer-facing documents with dynamic content for interactive, on demand or batch environments. Release after release, HP Exstream brings a lot of new exciting features mainstream...

Flying high (and low): Customer experience across the pond

CX across the pond - Gare Du Nord.JPGI recently blogged about customer experiences I noticed on a business trip to New York, and how we are more attuned to both good and bad experiences when traveling than when we are in our normal day-to-day routines. Not long after my trip to New York, I went to London and Paris for a week and had some more interesting experiences! I have the privilege of traveling to London a number of times a year, so this point I feel pretty familiar layout and procedures on arrival at Heathrow...

Get to know your HP WFO Software Superstars – Jack Jarocki

HP WFO Software Superstar.pngAs the editor of these WFO interviews, I have to say that Jack Jarocki’s interview was one of my favorites to read. Jack is such a positive person, and I felt inspired reading his thoughts on working here at HP. He’s the head of Professional Services for HP Workforce Optimization Software, and in this interview he shares: his view on why our products are superior, some amazing customer milestones, and an excellent quote about how he views our customers. Don’t miss this #WFOSuperstars interview!

Elevate the digital experience with HP TeamSite 8.1

HP TeamSite 8.1 - Guided Help.pngClick here for the latest HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin and HP TeamSite Optimost product updates


Give your digital team even more leverage to create beautiful and impactful customer experiences. TeamSite 8.1 offers new tools for better page performance analysis, more efficient collaboration across organizations and agencies, and faster time-to-market for your omnichannel campaigns.

HP MediaBin 8.3 helps you create a single source of truth for your digital assets and increase brand

HP MediaBin 8.3.jpgClick here for the latest HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin and HP TeamSite Optimost product updates


HP MediaBin helps global marketing teams create innovative, engaging campaigns by effectively managing, distributing, and publishing thousands of customer-facing digital assets such as videos, images, promotions, and logos...

Take advantage of our new HP TeamSite Optimost self-service features: JavaScript and CSS editing

HP TeamSite Optimost - JavaScript Editor.pngClick here for the latest HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin and HP TeamSite Optimost product updates


We’re very excited to release our latest self-service features – JavaScript and CSS editing, available now in VisualTest! Both of these features are a direct response to requests we’ve heard from our customers, and fit into our strategy to put the incredible power of Optimost at your fingertips. 

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