Taking the World of Web Experience Management Head-On!

Hi everyone and welcome to my inaugural Blog post!


IMG_0345_edit.JPGMy blog posts will be focusing on the complicated topic known as Web Experience Management and Marketing Optimization.


I’ll be your host, Salman Rizvi. I’ve been trapped in this world for almost a decade and a half and have been watching it grow from its infancy. Currently, I am Senior Solutions Architect for HP Professional Services and have enjoyed working with some of the largest companies out there. My experience includes industries ranging from healthcare to banking, airlines to government, telecomm to insurance. They all need a way to create, manage and publish content to engage customers in this fast-paced and ever growing digital world.


When I entered into the market it was known as Enterprise Content Management Systems or ECM/CMS. It then matured into distinct verticals – Document Management, Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Records Management, and Customer Relationship Management.


We are now starting to see a convergence from taking a product based approach move to comprehensive solution suites known as Experience Management and Marketing Optimization. We are seeing the technological platform moving from On-Premise to the Cloud with companies seeking more and more sophisticated solutions which are driven more by Marketing than IT. In fact, ROI is no longer measured just in IT savings on publishing infrastructure and workflow but rather in increased conversion rates on the runtime.


Gone are the little guys we all used to know and love, like Interwoven, Vignette, Fatwire and CQ – all swallowed up by the big fishes in town like HP,  Microsoft, IBM, EMC, and Adobe. It is an exciting time and we are seeing some amazing changes in features and technology with the backing of these powerhouses.


That being said the user interfaces may be getting fancier but enterprises still share the same foundational challenges as yesteryear in their strategy and deployments. In my future blog posts I will address the evolving requirements and strategic initiatives many enterprises face such as designing the right physical architecture – scalability and HA, localization – languages and regions, content architecture and workflow design, performance tuning and considerations, and incorporating a development/application lifecycle, to name a few.


Please feel free to email or comment me questions and topics requests! They are always welcome and I will do my best to bring a fresh perspective and actionable information.


To get the ball rolling, my next article will be on design decisions and their impacts on performance!





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