Take your website visitors through the entire customer journey with a flexible platform

Jason Smith.jpgGuest blog by Jason Smith, VP of WW Sales, HP Marketing Optimization


The landscape of digital marketing technology is vast, and when you select enterprise-class web experience management software, it’s important for your business to have the ability to leverage previous investments in your environment.


HP TeamSite gives you that kind of flexibility, with mature integration capabilities with third-party components, so that your customers can be served well throughout the complete customer journey and not just the initial customer acquisition phase.


Overly complex integration processes or limitations on the ability to customize what you need from a WEM system can slow you down or hold you back from fully leveraging other products you have already purchased for other parts of the customer lifecycle, like onboarding or customer service. A site visitor that has been converted to a customer can have even more of a personalized experience when other business applications are fully integrated with the platform.


HP TeamSite - Flexibility.jpgHP TeamSite can incorporate and leverage other data stored in your back office systems, your CRM, and so on to shape a profile that anticipates a customer’s future needs. For instance, one of our customers uses HP TeamSite to cross-sell and upsell products by analyzing what the customer previously purchased. In highly regulated industries, it is also important to have the appropriate integrations so that data remains secure and protected.


Marketing and IT departments acquire many different technologies over time. To take full advantage of those systems, find a product like HP TeamSite, which plays nice and doesn’t force you to buy more than you need, thus duplicating systems you already have.


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