Take advantage of our new HP TeamSite Optimost self-service features: JavaScript and CSS editing

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We’re very excited to release our latest self-service features – JavaScript and CSS editing, available now in VisualTest!


Both of these features are a direct response to requests we’ve heard from our customers, and fit into our strategy to put the incredible power of HP TeamSite Optimost at your fingertips.


Read on to learn more!


JavaScript Editing


Insert JavaScript into creatives provides powerful capabilities and flexibility in defining their behavior. Now you can make complex layout changes, swap images in a carousel, or even make programmatic call-outs to other interfaces to test page elements like reviews, custom offers based on logged-in status, and much more.


Access the JavaScript editor from the creative drop down menu


HP TeamSite Optimost - Access JavaScript Editor.jpg


The editor allows you to run JavaScript before or after the page loads, and has user-friendly features like color-coded parenthesis-matching, line numbers, and more, for a smoother and faster coding experience.


The JavaScript editor


HP TeamSite Optimost - JavaScript Editor.png


CSS Editing


We’ve added CSS style editing to the element editing features of VisualTest.  Now you can edit or add new CSS attributes and values.


Access the CSS Editor


HP TeamSite Optimost - CSS Editor.png


The CSS Attribute Editor auto-suggests CSS attributes names as you type, validates attribute names, shows inherited and node-specific attributes, and more.


The CSS Attribute Editor


HP TeamSite Optimost - CSS Attribute Editor.png


How do I get started?


If you’ve enabled the self-service interface, you’re ready to go! If you haven’t, speak to your Client Success Manager or Account Executive today. Once enabled, you can get started right away.


Is there training?


Yes. Contact your Client Success Manager or Account Executive – or email optimost@hp.com – and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

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