“Spring cleaning” the office – HP Exstream’s short guide to personalizing customer communications

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As many of us begin to dig out from a long winter, the time has come to shift toward the annual ritual of spring cleaning. We often think of spring cleaning as a focus on ridding ourselves of excess home clutter, but what about the office? Have you considered the importance of “spring cleaning” your customer-facing documents?


If not, you should! Customer communications are as important as ever, and now is the time to ensure that those most important to your customers are completely refreshed and personalized.


Don’t worry – it’s simple! Check out how to get started below.

1. Get Organized.


It’s essential to take stock of what you have – to ingest and make sense of your data and materials, including customer emails, comments on your website, and even social network site activity. This information should be used to drive unique experiences for each customer, utilizing communications that more accurately target the individual.


This level of personalization leads to better, longer-lasting customer relationships. And, as customers feel that you hear them and understand their business and needs, customer loyalty is sure to follow.


2. Cleaning Supplies.


Like with any type of spring cleaning, having the appropriate tools is paramount to getting the job done. HP Exstream is the one-stop-shop allowing you to transform traditional communications into meaningful conversations for any print or electronic channel - including mobile communications.


There’s no substitute – delivering a consistent, personalized experience to customers increases revenue and improves customer satisfaction.


3. What Works for You.


Never before have there been so many ways to communicate. Customer communications can be delivered through a variety of channels, including print/mail, email, SMS, voicemail, mobile, web, and social media. In the end, you will need to understand your customers’ needs to provide them with the most appropriate solutions.


Now, as the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and let HP Exstream help you “spring clean” the documents that matter most to you and your customers.


Want to learn more about cleaning up your customer-facing documents? Ask questions in the comments below, connect with us at @HP_Exstream on Twitter and visit www.hpexstream.com to learn more!


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