Key takeaways from our Digital Experience Management User Group Series

Digital Experience User Group Series - Photo 2.jpgGuest blog by Tracy Askam, VP, Rich Media Solutions, HP Marketing Optimization


We’ve just returned from a successful user group series in New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago.  For us, the most valuable part of these events is hearing from our customers – your painpoints, the trends you’re seeing, and how you’re innovating with technology.  For those of you who were not able to join us, we wanted to take a few minutes to share the topics we talked about most on the road:


1: You can’t personalize without data


Organizations can earn customer loyalty through personalization. If a visitor comes to a site and quickly sees content that’s relevant, it’s likely he or she will buy and keep coming back because of the positive experience.


But to personalize – you need details, details, details. And not all of that data can be accessed and used, depending on industry regulations and local laws. Sometimes you have to use the data you already collected from the customer, whether it was through a campaign or a previous purchase.  Companies have collected terabytes of data from their customers’ activity patterns, and the key is to maximize that information to enrich their experiences, predict their future actions and needs, and keep them coming back for more. 


2: “Mobile-friendly” means readable content and secure information


The number one focus for our customers, especially in highly regulated industries, is security – which is challenged by the mobility of consumers.  People are constantly on-the-go and want information at their fingertips.  Organizations have welcomed the challenge to provide mobile-friendly content on multiple devices without compromising the security of their websites or portals.


For example, a risk averse investment bank wants better mobile access for its researchers to view and share complex assets, which tend to have a lot of graphs and other images that can be difficult to see on tablets and smartphones.  HP’s digital experience management solution is helping companies like this to make content secure and available in a multi-channel environment.


Digital Experience User Group Series - Photo 1.jpg3: To cloud, or not to cloud? 


“Ten years ago, security would not have given us time of day to ask about cloud…” one customer said at our Chicago user group – but the mood is changing.


In fact, one sentiment was that it is actually safer to put customer-facing websites in the cloud because public web content can be separated from back-end private data. There’s some comfort with this hybrid approach because it’s less risky if the external site goes down. It’s not attached to all of the critical data, which would ordinarily compromise the business. It also allows IT to focus on bigger projects while allowing the cloud provider to deal with things like patching.


Not everyone has bought fully into the cloud, but the general consensus was that a hybrid model is here to stay – with more and more organizations moving to the cloud in the next couple of years.


HP’s digital experience management solutions use advanced analytics to pull forward relevant and engaging web, multichannel and rich media content. Our market-leading web content management system – HP TeamSite – meets a wide range of marketing demands such as content authoring, intelligent site design, and multivariate testing. HP MediaBin automatically tags and organizes rich media assets for easy access and consistent branding for the customer and across the enterprise. Both products are available in the cloud.  


Download our latest case studies from BlueCross of Idaho and FELCO to see how they created personalized customer experiences with our user friendly solutions.


A big thanks to all our customers for your participation – we loved hearing from you and look forward to hearing more from you at HP Engage 2015 in November. 


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