Introducing HP TeamSite Optimost Audience Builder

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We’re very excited to release HP TeamSite Optimost Audience Builder, our latest self-service feature – available now!


What is Audience Builder?


Audience Builder is a key part of our strategy to put the incredible power of Optimost at your fingertips:


  1. Easily create complex audiences with the intuitive interface
  2. Maintain incredible precision using a long list of attributes and grouping logic with only a few clicks
  3. Fit targeting easily into your workflow – in advance or on the fly

Can I see it?


Here’s a short video that shows how easily you can discover and target tests using Optimost analytics and Audience Builder.




What conditions can I use to create audiences?

• Device
• Platform
• OS
• Browsers
• Cookies (1st or 3rd party)
• Date/time
• Geo-targeting
• IP address
• Referrers
• Javascript expressions


How do I get started?


If you’ve enabled the self-service interface:

From VisualTest you’ll find it under target experiment:


HP TeamSite Optimost - Target Experiment.png


Or go to Audience Builder directly in the Optimost Dashboard:


HP TeamSite Optimost - Dashboard.png


If you haven’t enabled self-service, speak to your Client Success Manager or Account Executive today. Once enabled, you can get started right away.


We’d love to hear your questions and feedback. Reach out to your account executive or email, and we will contact you. Happy testing!


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