Introducing HP TeamSite 8.1

In HP TeamSite 8.1, we’ve introduced some exciting new capabilities designed to simplify the process for marketers to create amazing digital experiences. I want to share one of those with you here.


The process from design to implementation for new pages on your website can be frustratingly slow. HTML2Template makes it a snap—marketers can grab web designs and convert them directly into TeamSite pages. TeamSite 8.1 lets you go from design to template in a single step, reducing what can be a weeks-long process to a few minutes (and without deep technical expertise!).


HP TeamSite 8.1 - HTML2Template.jpg


There’s a whole lot more to TeamSite 8.1, including push notifications for apps and new built-in analytics dashboards, so head on over to the site to learn more, and stay tuned for what else we have in store for HP TeamSite.


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