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In my last two blogs about desktop analytics we discussed (1) using desktop analytics to understand your AHT, and (2) how HP Qfiniti Optimize can provide a simple and meaningful analysis of desktop activity.  In this blog we will discuss the strategic advantages to using an effective agent desktop guidance and automation product like HP Qfiniti Optimize.  Because the underlying technologies are similar, desktop automation and guidance products are frequently sold in conjunction with products that measure desktop activity.


Despite your excellent training and quality programs, contact center agents can only be as efficient as the applications they use to complete their routine tasks.  Instead of focusing on the customer, many contact center agents today are forced to spend too much attention and energy working with inefficient applications.  Four AHT guzzlers are common and each of these can be easily addressed by a well-designed product like HP Qfiniti Optimize that provides real-time contextual desktop guidance and automation.


Disjointed applications


Given the high costs and lengthy timelines typically associated with application development, it's no wonder that many contact centers can't often afford the luxury of a unified and easy-to-use suite of applications.  Instead, most make due with a series of unconnected applications, forcing agents to switch back and forth between applications, sometimes needing to enter the same information on multiple screens.  This wastes time, gives rise to errors and diminishes the customer experience.


HP Optimize - Disjoined Applications 1A.PNGSolution: When triggered by any desktop event you define, a great desktop automation application with an open architecture can interconnect your disjointed applications.  For example, HP Qfiniti Optimize, can:


  1. Watch your agent screens in real time, remember values already entered or displayed, and then automatically paste those values into subsequent selected fields within the same application or in other applications when those controls come into view
  1. HP Qfiniti Optimize - Disjointed Applications.pngDisplay a list of values already remembered for the current interaction and display them on the agent desktop in a table for quick reference

  2. Send a command to the workstation or to a server: automatically open or close applications, navigate to specific application pages, send alerts to Supervisors, or post captured data to a central database


Complex processes 


Processes take more time because call center applications don’t typically guide agents toward the next best step that is specific to the situation at hand and to your unique business needs.  Also, newer agents are notoriously slower and make more mistakes because they simply can't remember every step of every process or what to do next. 


HP Qfiniti Optimize - Complex Processes.pngSolution: HP Qfiniti Optimize can display any message to any group of agents at any workflow juncture, guiding agents to the next best step. Desktop analytics solutions can also be programmed to identify and monitor compliance issues that could put an organization at risk. These negative behaviors can be eliminated or controlled by using the real-time guidance features that show employees the steps required to properly handle inquiries or to accurately process their work. Process guidance can be enabled on a group-by-group basis.


Script uncertainty 


When reps don't quite say it right, this invariably raises more questions and digressions.  As a rule, contact center reps who say the right thing in the right way at the right time have better call control.  Many of the applications that contact center agents use today offer little or no scripting prompts, and these prompts are contextual only to the page or place on the page, and not to the interaction as a whole.


HP Qfiniti Optimize - Script Uncertainty.pngSolution:  Contact centers can use a desktop guidance product like HP Qfiniti Optimize to centralize the programming of all agent scripting prompts for all scenarios and applications into one solution.  In this way, scripting can be displayed in a consistent manner and can be programmed in such a way that it is contextual to the interaction.  For example, at the same point in the call, the agent could be prompted with different scripts, depending on what happened on the call prior to that point.


Finding information 


In most cases, you probably prefer that your reps look up information vs. guess to rely on their memory, because in our world, the answers are often changing.  Against pressure to control talk time, the extra step of verifying information is too-often neglected.  These delays and any misinformation provided increases your costs, frustrates your agents and intensifies your customers’ level of effort.


HP Qfiniti Optimize - Finding information.pngSolution:  With HP Qfiniti Optimize and desktop event can pop-up a hyperlink that the agent could just click on to take them to the information they need, right at the moment they need it.  Using a workstation command, and desktop event could automatically open a browser and take the agent to the URL of your choice.


These are just a few of the many benefits that a well-designed desktop automation and guidance solution can provide.  HP Qfiniti Optimize is extremely easy to use and comes with some very slick features that you can use to provide effective contextual guidance to your agents on every customer interaction. 


Learn more about HP Qfiniti Optimize.


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