Gore Mutual wins award for app powered by HP Exstream

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Excelling in customer experience is a critical component to outperforming your competitors and delivering lifetime customer value.  As millennials and Gen-Zers are become the norm – 75% of the labor force will be digital born by 2025 – insurers are realizing they must be able to deliver digital communications and do it quickly because digital natives don’t like to wait.


Gore Mutual recognized that and is already incorporating digital communications in its customer communications strategy. The innovative Canadian insurer was recently recognized by Celent as a Model Insurer for its work in developing uBiz—the first fully ecommerce commercial insurance platform in Canada. Gore Mutual received the Digital and Omnichannel Technologies Award.


Gore Mutual was looking to deliver a total digital experience to appeal to a new customer segment – home-based businesses. Gore Mutual leveraged technology from HP Exstream, Infusion and Accenture to create uBiz - a platform that plugs directly into broker websites, replicating their design palette to provide their small business customers with a seamless experience.  


Read the full release here.


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