Get to know your HP WFO Software Superstars – Alan Au

Alan Au.jpgAlan Au is on the HP Workforce Optimization Software support team, and he’s also another torch-bearer from the etalk days. Alan works out of the Plano, TX office where he helps customers resolve any challenges and moves issues up the chain when more attention is needed.


In this #WFOSuperstars interview, you’ll learn a few things about Alan and his work with HP Workforce Optimization Software. Read on to get the full story.


Q: How many years have you worked for HP?  How long in the workforce optimization (WFO) or related market?


I’ve been with the company for about 14 years. I started with etalk as a temp, mainly as part of a triage group that answered phone calls and opened tickets. Through continued hard work and a commitment to learning the software, I was permanently hired on. From there, I’ve grown with the company through the many changes and acquisitions and am now happily part of the new era at HP.


Q: What team do you work for within HP and how does your role help serve the needs of customers?


I’m based in the Plano office. Within the HP WFO Software support group, I work with the Qfiniti solution providing support on the front line for our customers. I handle lots of different issues: things like Application/Database server issues, connectivity issues, and software web-based application performance issues. A large part of my job is being involved with the escalation process so we can make sure we resolve customer resolutions in a timely manner.


Q: In the time that you have been doing this work, what are some of the biggest changes you have seen in the contact center space?


When I started, I was part of a triage group that took customer contact information and reported issues when they called in. Since we weren’t as versed on the product, we didn’t really answer questions, but instead assigned them to one of our Specialists. This process was difficult for most customers because they wanted answers to their questions (issues) as quickly as possible. Now, we have a solid group of Engineers, with many years of experience in the field that can handle first contact resolution. This leads not only to a faster resolution and customer satisfaction, but lower support costs.


Q: Describe one or two of your most rewarding personal achievements during your time with HP?


As you can imagine, in a busy support department, I’m often asked the same questions over and over again, “Do you remember this error?” or “How did we fix this in the past?” With so many different issues to track, the person with the answer may not be available every time. To make life easier for the support team, I worked with our Application Administrator, Cynthia Davis, to help build a centralized knowledge base. Now, not only does this system benefit us internally, but we can also offer and share this approach with our customers.


Q: From your perspective, what are some of the most pressing customer challenges that you foresee in 2016 and beyond?


The challenges I see are with PCI compliance. We have huge customers that handle thousands of transactions per day. It’s so important that we ensure this sensitive data is not exposed by providing PCI-compliant recording. Fortunately, Qfiniti has capabilities to protect customers in this area so that they can feel safe in handling their calls without fear.


Q: Are there any other observations or thoughts that you would like to add?


I work with a great core of guys. We’ve been through tough times, but we manage to fight it out together. For me, it’s been an exciting 14-year run, with hopefully more to come. I’m proud to be part of HP!


Stay tuned for more #WFOSuperstars interviews to learn more about the people who make it all happen in the world of workforce optimization. In the meantime, visit our website for more information about HP Workforce Optimization Software. If you missed our last interview, you can check it out here.


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