Escape from the Dark Side with HP Qfiniti 10.5 & HP Explore 5.1

Ever feel like you’re on the Dark Side of workforce optimization?


I am very excited to tell you how, with the recent release of HP Qfiniti 10.5 and HP Explore 5.1, the force of HP Workforce Optimization Software’s leadership position in contact center analytics can be with you.


Desktop analytics


The business world has become increasingly hungry for insights, and they are leaving no data behind in this pursuit. This is particularly true with contact centers that are trying to use every little piece of information to deliver better customer experiences while optimizing agent performance. Contact centers now understand that they must not only make sense of traditional data sources such as recorded phone calls, surveys, and agent evaluation data but also take full advantage of new sources such as agent desktop activity streams. With HP Qfiniti 10.5, we are once again pushing HP Qfiniti Optimize – our desktop analytics module – ahead of the competition so that enterprise contact centers can realize a competitive advantage in the market when it comes to addressing customer needs.


HP Qfiniti Optimize raises the bar for desktop analytics in two ways: analytics on agent desktop activity is provided with unprecedented granularity and precision; guidance and automation deliver exceptional return on investment through the optimization of front- and back-end office processes.


HP Qfiniti 10.5 and HP Explore 5.1.pngWith its advanced measurement capabilities, Optimize automatically records and catalogs agent application usage patterns while evaluating how efficiently agents perform various workflows, bringing the full force of advanced desktop analytics to bear on answers to these questions:


  • How efficient is my staff in performing various workflows? Understand precisely how efficient your agent pool is in performing specific workflows such as new order completion, change of service processing, and cancellation processing

  • Can we learn how to do it better? Automatically identify outliers, understand the underlying reasons, and as a result improve your average workflow performance in terms of completion time, completion rates, or outcome

  • What can be done to hit our KPI targets? Gain unprecedented control over key performance indicators such as average handle time (AHT) through views into specific steps in a process so that you can identify best practices and track performance metrics


Optimize also delivers real-time agent guidance and process automation to enable delivery of superior customer experience while decreasing handling time. If you were to catalog all the rules an agent has to follow and all the applications that he/she must use to complete even a simple transaction, you are guaranteed to be surprised by the overwhelming complexity. Yet in spite of such complexities, an agent is still expected to provide superior customer experience in the most optimal way – a perfect set up for failure. HP Qfiniti Optimize remedies this situation by delivering real-time contextual agent guidance and automating repetitive tasks.


  • Can we automate agent guidance? Information that an agent needs is automatically provided within the specific context of the transaction so he/she can deliver the most effective and appropriate customer experience

  • Is it possible to ensure process adherence? Inform and enforce business rules in the right context at the right time to eliminate violations and improve compliance

  • How can I reduce customer effort? Eliminate the frustration of customers having to repeat information at multiple points of the interaction flow as well as frustration resulting from agent errors

  • How can I make our agents more successful? Automate repetitive and wasteful tasks so agents can focus on delivering the superior experience that both the customer and the business demand


Cross-channel analytics


Customers today expect companies to understand their individual preferences and needs during the course of any interaction. Failure to demonstrate this accommodation better than the competition is one of the main causes of decreased loyalty and higher attrition.


Post-call surveys are one of the means for gathering customer feedback and discerning sentiment related to specific contact center interactions, and our product suite has long provided industry-leading capabilities to offer, collect and analyze these voice and text survey responses. Now, with the release of HP Qfiniti 10.5 and HP Explore 5.1, it is possible to understand customer responses in the context of the experiences that led to those responses through a capability we call cross-channel analytics:


  • What’s really going on? Understand the underlying indicators that lead to specific survey responses and identify what influences customers to be brand promoters or detractors in order to improve your loyalty metrics

  • How can I know if process changes are really improvements? Track and measure impact of specific changes to agent scripts, agent behavior, business rules, and company policies on customer feedback

  • How can I really understand my customers’ needs? Develop better understanding of your customers by slicing and dicing your survey responses using call characteristics such as sentiment, emotion, concepts discussed, call reason, call duration, and agent group, among others

  • Which agents need more coaching? Improve agent performance by slicing and dicing customer interactions using survey response characteristics such as topic, sentiment, and specific survey answers, among others

And remember that HP Qfiniti Optimize and HP Explore are part of the broader, highly integrated HP Workforce Optimization Software product suite:


HP Workforce Optimization Software - Product Matrix.jpg


You don’t have to remain trapped on the Dark Side. Feel the force that HP Workforce Optimization Software provides.


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