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Give your digital team even more leverage to create beautiful and impactful customer experiences. TeamSite 8.1 offers new tools for better page performance analysis, more efficient collaboration across organizations and agencies, and faster time-to-market for your omnichannel campaigns.


New Features and Enhancements


Push Notifications


Take mobile experiences one step further by engaging app HP TeamSite 8.1 - Push Notifications.pngusers with push notifications. This latest release expands upon TeamSite’s hybrid mobile app capabilities. Use TeamSite to repurpose digital content to quickly create apps and send text notifications to app users.


This comes in handy, for example, when you’ve created an app tied to an event, and want to quickly send reminders or important announcements to users in real time. The modern user interface makes it easy. In the hybrid app project within TeamSite, click the “notifications” tab, type your message, and send.





Bridge the gaps between designer, marketer and web developer during collaborative design projects. With the HTML2Template feature, your team can grab web designs produced by creative agencies and convert them straight into TeamSite templates. TeamSite will take the HTML and break page content into reusable template components – all in WYSIWYG mode. When finalizing the template, you can accept each element as a component or not.


HTML2Template will save developers a lot of time when converting new page designs into workable TeamSite projects – and will ultimately improve time-to-market for new campaigns. This also speeds up the traditionally labor-intensive process of importing large numbers of existing pages to a new web content management platform.


Google Analytics


HP TeamSite 8.1 - Google Analytics.pngNow, you can view site metrics from Google Analytics while staying within Experience Studio.


Identify top performing pages and top drivers of traffic to your pages – so that you can improve visitor engagement and increase conversions on your site.


The site analytics dashboard includes:


  • Top landing pages
  • Number of unique hits and page views
  • Average duration of visits
  • Top exit pages
  • Top referrers (online sources like search engines that drive visitors to your site)
  • A global heat map showing locations of most site visitors


Guided Help


HP TeamSite 8.1 - Guided Help.pngReduce the learning curve for those new to the TeamSite 8 interface, with the new guided help function. Within the Help tool, users can find step-by-step instructions for a given topic.


Guided help will then take the user through the interface where pop ups will guide the user through the given task. This is an interactive way for a user to receive help on a task while they are completing it – rather than having to go back and forth between a list of instructions and the platform.


Business users who don’t frequently use TeamSite and others who have just started using it after an upgrade to TeamSite 8 will benefit from guided help.




HP TeamSite 8.1 - Localization.jpgTeamSite is now localized for the following languages (in addition to English):


  • Chinese traditional
  • Chinese simplified
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Italian


HP MediaBin integration


HP TeamSite 8.1 - MediaBin Integration.png


Experience Studio is now fully integrated with MediaBin 8.2 and 8.3. Pull in your company’s approved images and other assets directly from MediaBin, while you are using Experience Studio.


Search for MediaBin assets while building content, and import the correct file sizes and formats for your web and mobile-ready pages. If you’re using a particular MediaBin collection for a given campaign, you can sort through that collection and also repeat assets across pages, components and sites, as appropriate.


User Extensions


HP Teamsite 8.1 - User Extensions.pngThird party applications can be integrated into Experience Studio.


Developers can create tabs in the navigation and build in a view of their other application of choice. Possible applications that could be integrated include: translations (like this example), e-commerce, CRM and other platforms that come into play when building sites and integrating data sources.


Other technical improvements


  • FreeMarker, a modern Java-based template engine, is now supported.
  • Bootstrap is now supported for Experience Studio templates and pages.
  • FormsPublisher has an updated look and feel.


For more information, visit hpengage.com/teamsite.


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