E.ON and Choice Hotels deliver customer experience success with HP Software

I’m excited to share two of our latest customer success stories with you from two fantastic organizations who are using HP Software technology to drive customer experience success.


The first success story features E.ON, one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies, powering over five million homes and businesses. Each year they send out over 40 million customer communications, ranging from billing to contract renewals, powered by HP Exstream.


Exstream allows E.ON to deliver tailored communications to specific customer audiences, faster and more efficiently than before. E.ON is now able to engage their customers with communications in the format they want, when they want it, plus huge print and postage savings. Watch this video to hear their full story. 



Our second story features Choice Hotels, one of the largest and most successful hotel companies in the world with over 6,300 properties in 35 countries and territories.  With an extensive web footprint, Choice Hotels turned to HP Optimost to help them deliver optimized e-commerce experiences for their visitors.


With Optimost, Choice Hotels is able to run smarter conversion rate optimization tests on their website with ease. There are hundreds of variables in an e-commerce experience. By isolating those variables, Choice Hotels is able to pinpoint whether or not changes to the website make a difference with confidence. A tight-knit relationship with the Optimost Professional Services team allows Choice Hotels to tap into an extensive knowledge base and support. Watch this video to learn more.



Visit our website to learn how our solutions can help you solve the toughest customer experience problems. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news, product info, events, and more.


Until next time.


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