Flavor Paper create, design, and produce wallpaper with HP Latex 3500 Printer

Flavor Paper adds the HP Latex 3500 Printer to its fleet of HP Latex printers, to increase production capacity and support unattended overnight printing, ensuring it satisfies demand from commercial clients.


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Björk Digital experience the power of printing with HP Latex in Mexico

Mexican print provider Digital Colors created unique murals a Museum, using the HP Latex 3500 Printer. 


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FutureWorx Singapore delivers environmentally friendly displays with HP Latex printers

We are glad to see that the printing world is moving to more sustainable solutions, and the printers suppliers who want to be relevant in the business are working on water-based ink technology, that’s the direction.


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Success Story: Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions enters decoration market to drive growth

Benson is focused on offering integrated marketing solutions for real estate developers. Benson acquired the HP Latex 3000 printer to support its existing growth in print media. In the process of learning about the technology, they uncovered the opportunity to add digital decor to their suite of products and services. Continue reading to learn more about this success story.

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Success Story: CEDIM students use HP Latex printers to excel in design programs

CEDIM is a university in Mexico that focuses on design programs. The design process used at CEDIM is based on a methodology called design thinking.

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Alder Hey Children’s Hospital create a healing environment with HP Latex

HP PVC Free Printed Latex.png


In October 2015, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital of Liverpool, England relocated to a new building. The hospital had been in the same location as part of the Children’s Health Park for over one hundred years. Amanda Rees, Clinical Research Facility Operations Manager for Alder, was looking to create a less clinical environment for her patients and to make their time at the new hospital more relaxing. Discover how they did it using HP Latex printers and the HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper.

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EFE's 75 + 5 years of photojournalism exhibiton

The 2nd of February, the EFE agency opened in Andorra the exhibition called "75 + 5 years of photojournalism" formed by 100 photographs of national and international interest in cooperation with the Agencia de Noticies Andorrana (ANA).


The 100 photographs of the most relevant moments not only Spanish, but worldwide recent history were printed on canvas using HP Latex Printers.

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Easyflyer improves its environmental profile using HP Latex



Easyflyer improves its environmental profile and doubles revenue year-on-year with HP Latex Printing Technologies.




  • Develop a profitable, sustainable business model for providing a broad range of personalised printed products.
  • Create a cleaner working environment and offer certified applications.
  • Find and install the best solutions possible for fulfilling the model.
  • Grow business and markets served, and respond to a wide range of on-demand work.

Do you want to find out how Easyflyer acomplish this challenge using HP Latex Technologies? Click on the link below or the image to read the whole article.

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Young patients enjoy a space voyage with HP Latex Technology

Rotating Banner.jpg


Young patients enjoy a space voyage with diagnostic machines and changing rooms decorated using HP Latex Printing Technologies.




  • Improve hospital experience for children and their families by creating colorful themed interiors.
  • Use materials with positive environmental credentials and certification for sensitive environments or to satisfy growing institutional/corporate environmental awareness.
  • Offer practical and maintenance-free decorative solution with minimal service disruption in high traffic environment.

Do you want to know how Sant Joan de Déu-Barcelona Children's Hospital accomplish this challenge using HP Latex Technologies? Click on the link below or the image to read the whole article.

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ASAP UK Replaces Eco-solvent with the HP Latex 360 Printer

Asap UK1.jpg


ASAP UK looks to grow turnover by replacing eco-solvent and multiplying customer choice with HP Latex Printing Technologies. 




  • Achieve greater capacity with faster print production to satisfy customer demand.
  • Drastically reduce turnaround for durable output by eliminating outgassing processes.
  • Explore new markets for premium applications such as printed decorations and furnishings.
  • Reduce the impact of printing in the workplace and on the environment.

Do you want to know how Asap UK accomplish this challenge using HP Latex Technologies? Click on the link below or the image to read the whole article.

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