HP Latex continues standing out for limitless possibilities in indoor applications

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Growing demand for healthier prints and decoration in home, retail establishments, hospitality and medical applications, and the current confusion in the market in regards to different decoration solutions, has encouraged UL –leading certification agency for indoor air quality- to add clarity to their Greenguard certificates.

The additional information clarifies the restrictions of the different solutions clarifying the confusion, and reassuring Latex as the enabler of unlimited indoor applications.

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3 Key Environmental Benefits vs. ecosolvent



Either if you are concerned about regulations, or if your customers are becoming more green sensitive, or simply if you care about your operators, you may be interested to learn more about the key environmental advantages of HP Latex against eco-solvent technology. I have summarized them in three major sustainability’s pillars: health, economics and environment. Click on the image above in order to read the full article.

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HP Latex vs Eco-Solvent: 5 Things to Compare Before You Buy

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Someone once said that if the competition is talking about you, it means that you are doing something right. During recent months we have seen an increasing number of campaigns aggressively comparing eco-solvent with HP Latex technology.


Our customers are the ones who have made HP Latex so successful. Their feedback has driven the improvement of this technology with each new generation. With their experiences in mind, I would like to give you my perspective on why HP Latex has proven so popular, and clarify some false statements that our competitors are making.

So, when you’re comparing HP Latex to eco-solvent printers, consider these 5 critical areas before you buy. Click on the image in order to read the full article.

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Do you know the environmental benefits of HP Latex?



Do you have problems understanding the environmental benefits of HP Latex Printing Technologies?


Find out how to increase your business through HP Latex Printing Technologies environmental benefits.

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New EcoSolutions Training available



The new version of the HP EcoSolutions Training is now available on the HP Latex Knowledge Center. Click the article to know more about it.

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Let's make July green



We are going to dedicate this month of July to the environment! Keep an eye on the HP Latex Knowledge Center if you want to learn more!

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HP Ecosolutions Training

The HP EcoSolutions Trained Printing Company program helps you gain new knowledge to assist clients looking for wide format graphics solutions with a reduced environmental impact. Learn about the key factors that influence printing more sustainably, and how to communicate your sustainable printing efforts to your customers.

Start with this web based interactive training.

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