Register to HP PrintOS in 3 easy steps

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Registering to PrintOS is the first step to improving your digital operation, and it’s free, fast and easy. So why wait?


Here’s a quick run-down on the registration process. See how simple it is to get started with HP PrintOS!


Step 1: Create a PrintOS account for your company

If your company already has an account, you can skip this step. Proceed directly to step 3.


For most companies with an HP Latex Printer, opening an HP PrintOS account starts with an invitation from your HP Channel Partner. Your Channel Partner will either take care of this in person when installing or servicing an HP Latex Printer at your site, or will send you an invitation by email.


Alternatively, you can register directly to HP PrintOS here.


Regardless of how you open your account, it should be connected to your HP Channel Partner’s PrintOS account, so they can support you and your printers. If you join via an onsite or email invitation from your Channel Partner, your accounts will be linked automatically.


Step 2 – Accept the data sharing agreement and connect a printer

To enable your HP Latex Printer to be connected to HP PrintOS, you must accept the Printer Data Sharing Agreement (PDSA). This is a basic requirement for each individual printer, to allow information from the printer to be shared with your Channel Partner and with HP.


Step 3 – Add PrintOS users

Once the HP Latex Printers at your site are connected, you can invite others at your company to register to your PrintOS account. In the Getting Started screen of HP PrintOS, just click on the Invite User button.


Each person you invite will receive an email invitation from you, with a link to a short form to register.


That’s it!

See how fast and easy it is to register to HP PrintOS. If you have any questions, contact your HP Channel Partner.


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