New Firmware for HP Latex 315/335/365/375 Printers

This download includes the latest firmware file for the HP Latex 315/335/365/375 Printers


From HP we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest firmware for all units as it includes significant improvements. Firware Version NEXUS_03_12_00.15



Fix and enhancements:

1. New feature: Substrate presets optimized for tiling
2. Diagnosticability improvements for Curing System
3. Availability to import substrate presets from HP Latex 3X0 Printer Series
4. Improvements for 3-liter ink cartridges detection
5. Improvements in SMTP server credential management
6. Minor fixes when downloading substrate presets from the "Online search" feature
7. Minor bug fixes 

NOTE: In order to take advantage of all those new fixes/functionalities HP recommends to upgrade the software RIP printer driver to the latest available version

Please note that the printer will automatically reboot 2 times until the firmware upgrade process is completed successfully.


This download includes the latest firmware file for the HP Latex 315/335/365/375 Printers