HP Latex 300 Series firmware 07_00.11 is available

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HP Latex 300 Printer Series (310/330/360/370) latest firmware version is now available to download and install. This firmware includes significant new features and fixes:


1. New feature: “Long Run Consistency Mode”
2. Fix for some System Error 63:05 incidences
3. Automatic Inter-Swath Delay (ISD) Improovement.
4. “Warranty End Date” is now included on ink cartridge service plots


1. New feature: “Long Run Consistency Mode”:

A new option for each substrate profile has been added. It is called “Long Run Consistency Mode.” By enabling this option you will increase the time allotted before printing starts, stabilizing printhead temperature and achieving more stable color consistency over long runs for all media families.

Please note that this feature will NOT work if Long Run Consistency Mode is disabled from the FP in the selected substrate profile.

To enable go to Substrate library -> Choose the substrate for which you want to enable this feature -> Tap Modify -> Check the “Long Run Consistency Mode (System Preheat)” box.




NOTE: The name of this feature for HP Latex 310 and 330 units is just “Long Run Consistency Mode,” without the last informative description (“System Preheat”). If a substrate can’t be modified, like generic profile substrates, the workaround is to clone it and enable Long Run Consistency Mode in the cloned profile.


2. Fix for some 63:05 System Error incidences:

Some fixes have been introduced that will help to fix some connectivity issues between printer and RIP. Loss of communication between both can generate SE 63:05.Besides the new firmware fixes introduced, it is strongly recommended to always have the RIP driver updated to the latest version for a complete fix.


3. Automatic Inter-Swath Delay (ISD) Improovement:

The algorithm that applies automathic ISDs to assure good curing has been modified to avoid some corner cases where some unnecessary carriage stops were applied, which reduced printing throughput.


4. “Warranty End Date” (WED) is now included on ink cartridge service plots:
New field introduced on service plot to identify ink cartridge WED .


Where to find firmware 07_00.11?



Find your product -> Select your OS -> Download the *.fmw file -> Install it via USB or EWS

Printer -> Check Updates -> Check Now

by costis
on ‎12-15-2016 02:29 AM

hi ,is any problem if your ink is expired and still you have 1.5lt to use?

by Administrator
on ‎12-16-2016 06:31 AM

Hi costis,


You can keep using it, but you have to keep in mind that the cartridge is out of warranty so if there is any issue related to the ink it will not be covered by the warranty.