HP Latex 820/850 Printer Tips & Tricks: New substrate preset


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Whenever you load a new substrate type into your printer, you must choose a substrate preset for it from the front panel. If available, select the preset for the specific substrate type that you intend to load. Many presets are available and can be downloaded from www.hp.com/go/mediasolutionslocator If no specific preset is available, select a generic preset that corresponds to the specific type that you intend to load. If no specific or generic preset matches your substrate, select the closest match available.


You can also create your own preset which has several advantages.

  1. You can give the preset a name of your own choice to suit a particular substrate.
  2. You can adjust the preset to suit the precise characteristics of your substrate.
  3. You can adjust the preset to your intended use, which may range from high-quality printing to fast production output.

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