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Substrate advance problem

Hi all,


I have substrate advance media problem on backlit PET media.

When I print  with OMAS on, the image was blurred on horizontal steps.

The image will be sharp when I turn off auto OMAS and set figures manually on print adjusment menu.

Other media don't have any problem at all with auto OMAS on.

There is no problem when I put same media on my Latex 360, it printed nicely.

Is the OMAS faulty? Or media problem?


Thanks and regards,




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Re: Substrate advance problem

Hi Renz, 


I hope all is well. 


Please, could you clarify which printer is the affected? (1500 or 3000?)


And also, If you can provide media details such as vendor or name in order to understand if it's a certified/profiled (by HP) media.


Looking forward to hearing from you again, 

Warm regards


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